Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A time like no other

You are entering a time that is unparalleled in your recorded history. We suggest you walk into this next cycle as an innocent child rather than as one who knows what is going on. Living in the mystery of each unfolding moment is part of living as your Presence and loving more fully from the heart of your Divine nature, which is what your next Golden Age will entail. Part of living in this next cycle involves becoming more neutral in your observations and less attached to the limited conceptual domains of your mind, which is what led humanity into living in fear and duality. The Divine Feminine capacities within the right hemisphere of your brain will be more deeply utilized in your new Age and this will create totally new forms of leadership in your world.

Masters Jeshua & Mary Magdalene and Saint Germain & Lady Portia

Being neutral does not mean being indifferent or having no preferences, yet it does mean being unattached to your limited viewpoints, as new leadership cannot be born out of the mind of an ego that is attached to how it thinks things should be done. The highest solution comes when everyone is fully connected to their Presence whose focus is always on the highest outcome for the greatest good of the whole. This is how we serve together in our Councils of Light on the Ascended Realms, especially since the Orders of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are now working in equal numbers within what were previously either male or female Orders.
You will soon begin to naturally attract one another into Councils of Light on your Earth based on your desire to serve as your Presence. In the Love and Light of Source that we share with you, your Golden Age Councils can then remain aligned with ours when your intentions are always focused on staying in harmony with the Presence of each person in the group.
The home base of your Presence is within the silent chambers of your Spiritual Heart, which is the true temple of your Being. The Presence is also aligned with the etheric domains of your being that are connected into the non-physical energy vortices within and around your body. This etheric intimacy you have with your Presence is expanding during your present cycle because your ascension involves bringing the Love and Light of Source into every cell and atom in your physical body.
Your ultimate potential is becoming one with your Presence and one with the all-embracing Divine Love and Light of God that is holding all of life together. In the silence of your being, your rational, conceptual mind can expand much more easily into the loving embrace of your Presence, where every fiber of your being knows you are home at last!
As the Earth goes through her ascension process, many are consciously witnessing their worlds being rearranged to reflect their new levels of consciousness and the energy shifts that are taking place across every walk of life. Some are experiencing pain created out of holding onto the ego’s old ways of doing things and of trying to make things happen. Now is the time to let go of all you thought you knew so your mind is free to move into the unlimited mind of your Presence. Almost everyone on your Earth at this time has made a soul agreement to be part of the ascension process of humanity and the Earth.
Your present opportunity is to express all the qualities of your Presence from so deep within your being that others can remember that they also have an unlimited Divine Presence. When you mirror the Presence for others, you naturally become one with a team of beings across the world who are all here to lead humanity into its new Golden Age of Freedom.

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