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What is Truth?


Truth is a very interesting concept. What is truth? My truth and your truth are not necessarily the same. Each one of us sees what our own senses allow us to see, and this can create sometimes minor, sometimes major differences in what we each consider to be the truth.

How do we know the actual truth? Look around the world. There are so many religions, so many types of faith. Some of them even assert themselves to be the truth faith. 

The word “spiritual” means “involved with the spirit,” and that spirit has no name. It is not a Christian spirit, nor Jewish, nor Buddhist, nor any other limiting description; it is only Spirit. When a soul leaves the body, that soul is connected to — and returns to — Spirit. The soul goes to its source of Light, which I do believe is beyond what we consider the limitations of a particular faith. Being one of the “faithful” is simpler than being spiritual because you can become a follower of what you are told without thinking about what it means. Sometimes the faithful follower has little connection with spirituality.

The reason that many people in the world follow something — be it a religion, a way of life such as vegetarianism, an individual, or any other structured way of living — is because on a personal level, we as humans naturally resist taking responsibility for our own spiritual growth and change. 

But love, joy, and tenderness are not necessarily involved when one is a follower. Many followers are merely content in their belief that the rules that they live by will guide them and that they are doing the proper things in life; they require and ask for nothing more.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that religion (or specific eating habits and lifestyles, for that matter) are not spiritual: Anything that gives rise to a purification of any kind, whether of the body or the mind, leads one to a closer awareness of the Spirit. What I am saying, however, is that true growth requires that we constantly check ourselves as to whether we are accepting responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

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