Life Coach, MetaPhysician


“A manifestation is something that is in the Spirit and that becomes tangible to the 5 senses. That is what a manifestation is. A manifestation is something in the Spirit that becomes manifested in the physical realm. It is a manifestation that becomes perceivable and audible. Therefore, it will be manifested in your soul realm. From the spirit realm it gets into your soul realm, it gets into the physical realm. The manifestation of the Spirit is given to everyone but the Spirit of God has a certain level of desire before He performs in manifestation. Some of you desire to prophesy but unless the desire to prophesy consumes you, you will never prophesy. Some of you desire to function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in healing but unless the desire consumes you, you will never manifest. That is why after Paul taught them about the gifts, he says, “But earnestly desire the best gifts.” Unless you desire it cannot come forth. See desire must flow to a certain level.

It’s just like if I have a radio that runs on a 220-volt and I plug it into a power point that supplies only 110 volts. The radio will not run. Why because the voltage is too low. Alternatively, if I have a radio that runs on battery and it runs on 5 volts. After using the radio for sometime, it reaches a point when the radios stop functioning. Why, because the batteries have run dead. In other words, the voltage has gone too low to impart a manifestation on the radio. The radio could not pick up the radio signals any more. The radio signals are in the invisible realm. The radio picks up the radio signals and converts them to sound signals, which are what we can hear and perceive, but the voltage is too low for all the different electrical components to function, to bring the radio waves and convert them into sound waves. If you put in new batteries then it starts again. What happens? There must be a certain level of voltage before the radio start working.

Likewise, there must be a certain degree of spiritual voltage before the Spirit of God manifest and that is why Paul said, “But earnestly desire.” Now what is that voltage? It is your hunger and desire after the things of God. In proportion to your hunger and desire, God is able to manifest your life. See the desire and the manifestations are related. The manifestation is tied to your desire. Now he repeats the same things again in I Cor.14: 1. After he talked about love, he says, “Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may prophesy.” Then you have it again he says, “Desire it, hunger for it, thirst for it so that it may come forth in your life.”

There will be no manifestation of your vision if you do not add desire in. That is why fasting and prayer helps. Fasting and prayer are indications of your desire. Spending time with God helps because it is an indication of your desire. Your desire factor must rise to a certain level before God can manifest.”

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