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Living from Your Declaration

Your life is the result of the ongoing process of creating who you
are every single day. All too often, people live their lives out of
the mistaken notion of discovery. This is the belief that each of
us must find out who we are as a result of the many trials,
experiences and lessons we experience on a day to day basis. This
notion assumes that we must passively accept and be at the affect
of whatever life has in store for us. It makes us a victim and
gives us a justification for not doing, not risking, not designing
and redesigning who we are and who we choose to be.

This is not to say that life is not without its lessons. We
certainly experience growth and acquire knowledge from the process
of daily living. The point is, all too often, we go through life
tentatively, waiting for the next trial or problem to be dealt with
- like it or not.

Contrast this with the opposite approach - living life out of your
declaration of who you choose to be, continually reinventing
yourself as you go along. When you live with the intention of
designing your life on purpose, your actions will be in alignment
with your declared image of how you envision yourself. As you
create, in the moment, who you decide to be, you act in accordance
with this picture. The more you grow and become, the more you can
yet become.

There is no arriving...only the constant process of being and
becoming. That is, the process of creating who you will become out
of your new, empowering and constantly evolving declaration.

We attract all experiences to us- often for reasons unknown to us.
All of life's experiences present themselves as tools for our own
creation. It is entirely up to us to decide how we will experience
any aspect of life as it presents us with an opportunity to decide
who we choose to be - given the circumstances. 
Instead of being a victim of whatever it is that life presents us
with, we can choose to be the source, the creator of how we will
respond and be affected by the challenge. Our response is our
opportunity to define who we choose to be.
Living Out Of Your Declaration

1) In what areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships,
personal development, vocation and recreation - are you attracting
things that do not support who you choose to be?

2) Create an invented declaration - who you choose to be in each
area - from which you will live your life. Begin this declaration
with the words "I am a ___________ ."

3) How will living out of your declaration impact your life?

4) Decide now to experience your life on purpose living out of
your declaration. Record your experiences in your journal.

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