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Hark the Angels

Life in Harmony With The Five Elements

By Sheilah Blaxill, Ultra-Dimensional Healer

Blessings be upon you beloved, we are here to give more information on the five elements. A new element is being given to us by the celestial realms, which will transmute the toxic metals that the environment is taking in.

A grand alignment took place on June 27th, which brought in more help from the Pleadies, seven sisters, heaven’s star and the archangel realms. This grand triune alignment, this three in one, is within every human being; rudimentary man/ woman, becomes the perfect man/ woman, within self, aquiring the spiritual fire, to bring forth from the realms of light great wisdom.

With this alignment comes the gifts of telepathy, healing, meeting up with your soul family. Aligning with this energy opens you to the next stage of your spiritual development. And moves you closer to your goals.

This time of outpouring from the heavenly realms, gives spark to reconciling differences, clearing up past disputes, anchoring in love, peace and goodwill.

In a six year everything is “up in our faces”, for us to take a fresh look with new eyes at what serves us. We are now making choices that we have been held back from doing because of fear and doubt.


As you move out of old patterns, you replace them with a new strength and conviction. The loves of your life will be coming forth to do the work with you. We are here to help with this transition on every level.

The energy that is supporting us brings in a new vibration, restructuring down to our very core. It will shake up and spew out that which is not true to your higher purpose. It will rein in a new perspective on the philosophical way you see your life. This will bring you closer to knowing the way God/Creator moves in and through all of us. You will know when to make choices and move with it in a beautiful way.

Life in balance and harmony, with the elements, are the aspects coming in. It will orchestrate multitudinous healings, spontaneous corporeal energy, it will circulate throughout the spine, challenging you to look at and unwind what is blocking you from your true life’s purpose. The element of air, can calm the very nature of your moods. We would like you to take a moment to feel the breeze circulating around your head. Breath in the air and take in the essence of it — with each breath you are calming your mind. Get in touch with the wind element, be with it, feel how it feels, acknowledge that you are one with it.

Can you live without Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire?

Consequently, you cannot. It is true with all the elements, they are necessary for supporting life ~~ as if your vital blood depended on it. This chart is a helpful reference of the elements and how they work with you.

five elements

The information here is given with hope, support and Love. Our intention, with this information, is that you will truly thrive utilizing these aspects in your life. We bid farewell and remember, the supply of heaven pours blessings on you each day. Pay attention, you’ll start to see changes happening all around you. You’ve made the commitment to do your work. God’s Love, God’s Light, God Speed, until our next teaching. We take our leave.

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