Life Coach, MetaPhysician

August Update 
Dear Warren, 

Full moon LighthouseKryon continues to give advice to hang in there during this “year of full moons.”  In recent channelings he has started giving information that we have never seen before. Not only is he describing some of the reasons why many are leaving at this time, but also some of the ways our DNA is going to be restructured for Humanity to be able to think clearer, and be more healthy. I can’t wait… but Kryon tells me not to tap my toe. (smile) There is still a bunch of adjusting to get through. 
Meanwhile, other profound information has been given about the null and nodes of the planet, new ways to work with Gaia, and reviews about how we got here and what all this new energy is really about. Between the free audio  and free transcriptions, it’s all on our Kryon site to hear and read.
It’s a time for recalibration, and (of course) there is a new Kryon book coming. In fact, there are two new Kryon books coming! For more information, keep checking the “announcements” button on our home page. Many new things are in the works, and we would love you to know all about them.
Thanks for all your support!

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