Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Law of Circulation - Flow of Giving and Receiving

You should give to where your giving would do the most good so that it would flourish. You should give to someone or some place that contributes to your personal growth or happiness. Give to where you receive spiritual nourishment from. Give to people who inspire you, help you and love you. Give to where you receive the most joy. Give to where it makes you most happy to give. You should give most of all to where you are personally involved in.

Every proper action of love is an exchange. According to the law of exchange, there is sowing and there is reaping. God does not expect you to give without receiving in return. Giving without expectation of receiving is not biblical. You should always expect something from your giving. It could be as simple as expecting your gift to be of benefit to someone, or to be valued and appreciated, or to allow others to give something back that will increase your joy and happiness. When you give without honoring your worth, that is not giving, that is discarding. Loving others without loving self depletes you. All actions of love and giving should put you in a position of increased abundance, so that you have even more to give.

Love is an energy. Love cannot be anyhow given. Love is emotion and it is literally the Life Force of a person. Energy must not be wasted. Energy must be used wisely and as efficiently as possible. Energy must be used in circulation then can multiply and have more to give or use.

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