Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Making life changes

Our life changes are created by us one baby step at a time. Being persistent in our use of ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good.’ The opportunity and the responsibility is ours. Impatience and doubt are the enemies, it’s up to us. Lets Just do it for our highest good and the good for all.

Organizing Knowledge for Superhuman Intelligence

“The great secret of speed lies in organization. When things are organized, action can be executed faster with less errors and probability of crashing. The same goes in the organization of information. The evolution of the future is higher and higher speeds of information transfer and communication. At some point, knowledge can be downloaded directly into the human consciousness, instead of needing to go through to slow process of reading and learning. For that to happen properly, the knowledge must be in its perfect form.

Therefore, the hardest and most important part of the work is in the beginning stage of organization. In the later part, things become easier and faster. This is why God needs to send beings of super intelligence and super genius to do this part of the work of organizing knowledge and knowledge integration. At this crucial stage of humanity, only the best of minds must be used for the job. Such people are way ahead of others in intelligence and understanding, because the work they do will set the path for the future of human intelligence and knowledge processing.

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