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Convince Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work

There are two conditions that need to be present for subconscious change to be sustainable. The first condition is that the subconscious impression must be continually induced in order to maintain its strength over the mind. The second condition is that the conscious mind must become convinced by reasoning the result as a logically acceptable event. When both of these conditions are present, the subconscious mind will be able to continue creating the thing it is programmed with.

It is a mistake for mind programming methods to only address the subconscious part of the mind and totally ignore the conscious part of the mind, which is the decision maker. If the conscious mind does not agree with whatever you want to put into your subconscious mind, the programming will ultimately fail. The conscious mind is just as important as the subconscious mind, after all it is the conscious mind that’s making the final judgment on how and whether all these mental programming we are trying to use to influence our mind are going to be executed. The solution is to make your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together towards your desired goals or dreams. There is a need to choose the right words and suggestions that can be easily accepted by your mind, both consciously and subconsciously. The key is to program both your conscious and subconscious mind with strong positive messages that are going to become part of your everyday thinking.

Even when you choose to use techniques or technology that bypasses the conscious mind to program the subconscious mind for unconscious change, you should seek to learn how it works. When you are aware of the process and the logic behind it, you are able to have both your conscious and subconscious minds working for you. Total transformation involves the whole mind and not just part of it. It is your belief that the subconscious technique works that affects its influence over you as well.

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