Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Time to be playful

Life is a playground. Yep, you read that right.
In this very moment, wherever you are or whatever’s going on around or in front of you, pause for a moment and focus your attention on the intention to bring forward a new understanding about yourself.
Allow for just a smidge – an inkling, if you will – of a new understanding that enables you to see the Divine that is you. It doesn’t have to a big, deep, “aha.” It can be a glimpse of your shimmering light peeping through, just as a little sliver of sun seeps through that tiny opening in your window shade in the morning. Just play with this concept… Experiment with it and consider the possibility that EVERYTHING in your life is an OPPORTUNITY to play. 
Yes, life may not feel like a game, because of challenges that seem insurmountable. I know exactly what that feels like. But I ask you to just play – experiment – with the possibilities of seeing your challenges as opportunities to expand into a bigger, better version of your authentic self.
What if you could place your attention on your intention to understand moments of seriousness, reaction and fear as something other than harmful? What if you could approach the obstacles in your life like you approached the playground jungle gym as a kid… as an opportunity to learn about your strengths? What if the obstacles in your life are simply places for you to play to further discover yourself?
In each and every moment on the playground of life, you have the opportunity to discover more about yourself by using the challenges and obstacles to swing from one energetic phase to another, or to continue to hang on to the obstacle in front of you.
What if swinging into that next energetic phase offers something far different than you’re experiencing now? What if it offers something far closer to the life you’ve always wanted and are fully capable of living?

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