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Recapturing Our Sparks
Wednesday August 14, 2013

Recapturing Our Sparks

It is said that if one truly wants to behave in a positive way, then he or she will receive assistance from the Light towards that end. However, if one has not consciously chosen to be positive, then he or she can be pushed by the Other Side towards behaving negatively.
These subtle positive and negative potentials are found within every human being. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are being pushed until suddenly, a simple, slightly negative impulse grows and we find ourselves busy gossiping about other people.
This week, after you have a conversation, ask yourself this: Was it necessary to talk about anybody in the course of the discussion?

For sure, there are times when conversations about others must take place. However, when we engage in gossip and backbiting, it is because we have an inferiority complex. We just can’t help throwing in a negative comment about someone else or trying to prove that we know more about something than the other person. Doing so makes us feel better, at least for the moment.

The whole concept of spirituality is to alter that negative part of ourselves and to bring out of that negativity the spark of Light that exists within us.
Karen Berg

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