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A preview of coming attractions:

A Message came through yesterday regarding a triangular red ship that will be present for the next several days. We were told to look in the northeast – that it will be anywhere from the east to the north.

At 4:44 am the ship appeared, and yellow and red lights were seen which came in from the east. The message was that more contact will be made over the next seven days. There are messages being delivered to people who have been open and ready to receive contact from their star family. The numbers are harboring the sacred codes of contact, and people are encouraged to notice the numbers, especially the time, related to 4.

Therefore, multiples of 4, including 8, 16, 32, 64, etc, are to be paid attention to. There is an impending push through for that which has been worked towards. For example, projects which are from the stars and those connected, have been directed and are about to come to fruition. Expect barriers to be removed in the most unusual way, and for the star family to continue the guidance to see these projects through.

People of Earth – prepare to be participants in the restoration of this Being~Earth. Through listening to the sacredness of the water, plants and animals as well as the signs in the sky and earth, the holiness is restored and brought once again back into balance. You are key to this change. You are becoming more and more open and your vibration has been calibrated to this change. This is why things are manifesting in a more timely manner for humans at this time.

The DNA is activated and is now integrating the new human into the programming. It is a most exciting time as the barriers are removed and the guidance is here. Look to the sky, especially the north east (but anywhere from the north to the east) for the lights in the sky to confirm this for you. They will be visible for the next seven days. Much is happening on this globe and people are seeking the answers ~ which are being delivered to you at this time now. So, be actively listening, your star family is calling.

Those with connections from Sirius will feel this the most. Be aware and journey forth. The numbers open dimensional pathways by creating a portal for contact. Notice what stands out for you. Blessings.

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