Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Be a Genius

A real genius is a person who decides to claim their true self and express it as a human.

Will and Perseverance enables Genius to Reign

The secret of so many failures among those who started out with high hopes, is that they lacked will power. They could not half will: and what is a man without a will? He is like an engine without steam. Genius unexecuted is no more genius than an unlit lamp is a light in the world. The persistent man never stops to consider whether he is succeeding or not. The only question with him is how to push ahead, to get a little farther along, a little nearer his goal. Whether it lead over mountains, rivers, or morasses, he must reach it. Every other consideration is sacrificed to this one dominant purpose.

Genius is often Perseverance in disguise. No amount of genius ever had effect on this earth, except when being enforced with the will power to overcome all obstacles that presented themselves to every one who would rise above the circumstances in which he was born, or who would become greater than his fate. Tenacity of purpose never changes through ups and downs and turn of events or change of relations but overcomes all opposition only to arrive at its destination. This is the sign of a sovereign mind.

Genius is nothing without strong resolution and persistent action to achieve your biggest dreams in life. A good chance alone or an encouraging start is nothing without dedication. A man who cannot stand firm, but wavers first one way and then the other, and has no commitment to his decision, or courage to pursue his own vision, such a person can accomplish very little in this world. It is will, perseverance and courage that rule the world.

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