Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Conscious Choice

Free will is choice.
Conscious Awareness begins with a simple truth ” Existence is one and indivisible, a part cannot be where the whole is not. We are therefore the same in kind and quality as the whole. The only difference is one of degree and that degree of difference gives us our unique individual personality.” We chose to be born so we could learn (the value) of our choices. There are no good or bad choices, only opportunities for awareness. We never choose any thing (experiences) that we didn’t want as a spiritual challenge and we never choose anything we can’t handle and find the value of. Our life was chosen and programmed by us as is. The basic purpose for all of us is ‘Self Acceptance as is and understanding the unique value of our existence as a Light Creator of Positive Energy, every time we Think, Speak and Feel.’ Conscious Awareness developes the Wisdom of “I AM I CAN I WILL

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