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Experience is our true teacher. What does experience teach us? Only one thing, either we liked what we did or we didn’t. They both put us into choice. We can’t do wrong, the worst we can do is either Silly or Stupid. From our experiences we can judge how to relate to the same kind of experience next time? This is the only kind of judgment we should use. Not questioning what we did, just deciding on what we will do next time. We attract and or choose our experiences to learn how to develop more power and wisdom. We can’t do wrong, we may do things we don’t want to repeat, they are really lessons of conscious awareness to see if we are ready to find the value contained. Here is a Kryon comment:

Time to Revisit
From Kryon Book Nine: “The New Beginning”

Did you try things along the way and discard them when they didn’t work? Did you throw them away, thinking that the energy back then didn’t produce anything from your efforts? Do you remember the “clock of Spirit”? It’s timeless. Never tell yourself that what you did or tried in your past won’t work now or in your future. Think of all the time you spent! Perhaps it’s time to revisit some of those things. Perhaps they didn’t work then, but might now. Get out of the linear time frame!

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