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Here is an excerpt from a channeling from Kryon entitled Re calibration if you like it, go to channelling and read the rest it’s about our self worth. Energy – 
A Misunderstood Concept

Energy by itself is very difficult to define or explain. Often, when Humans talk about energy, it is that which pulsates linearly through wires in a multi-phase system, such as your electricity. That’s not what we’re talking about. The energy we speak of is not singular information. It is not three-dimensional, but rather it is a multidimensional attribute all around you of a confluence of Earth and consciousness and it brings about that which you call manifestation. You were born in a certain energy. We speak of the grids of the planet being in a certain energy, but it’s not well defined. You may walk into a room and say, “Well, the energy does not feel good in here today.” Another day you’ll walk in and you’ll say, “Wow, did you feel the energy today?” If someone pressed you to define this, you might have trouble. Yet you use the word to mean both positive and negative things, for you understand it’s polarized.

What I’m about to speak about in this lesson refers to the energy that you are used to on the earth, whatever that means to you. It’s the energy that you live in, work in, meditate in, and worship in – and this energy is changing. This affects what you consider to be normal, for it represents your comfort zone. So if we could give you any kind of energy advice, we would say, “Expect normal to change.” That’s hard to do.

The Human Being survives knowing where normal is supposed to reside and feel like. When you walk from A to B, you expect certain things – the air you breathe, the gravity you experience, the magnetics that your cells are used to via the grid. What if I told you that many of those things won’t be the same? But the only thing you are truly aware of as a Human Being is that something is different. Some of you may walk around saying, “The energy feels odd today.” It’s more than odd. It’s recalibrating.

Changes in the Crystalline Grid – Changing the Past

Let us start by talking about the things that feel different to you. Here is an example of a recalibration, and it’s a summary of what we’ve given before not long ago regarding the grids. We told you that the Crystalline Grid of this planet, an esoteric, invisible, multidimensional attribute of Gaia, was changing. We told you that it is the “action” memory of humanity. It remembers Humans and what they do. It’s like the esoteric “memory grid” of Human action.

The Crystalline Grid is, therefore, linked to Gaia and responsible for that which you call portals, and also that which you call old, negative energy. It is profound in spots where war has been, for it reflects a memory of what Humans have done in battle. It reacts to Human emotion. That’s the Crystalline Grid, and the metaphor of anything crystalline is that which holds memory and vibration. So imagine an invisible grid around the planet that remembers what Humans have done.

In places that feel dark, you may have had war upon war and battlefields that you would rather not walk into. Lightworkers often feel the misery of death, fear, and anxiousness. This stays in the land, and you know I’m telling you something that many have experienced and told you about. There are also places on the grid that are portals of healing and joy, and what my partner even calls the womb of Gaia – a place where you can go and bathe in the thickness of Human compassion.

A little time ago, we told you something powerful about humanity. We told you that Human Beings are responsible for posturing or “loading” that planetary grid. However, as energy goes, it is typical that you would consider this system a linear remembrance. That is, you would think that both positive and negative things would be remembered and stored at the same level within the grid. But that’s not the way it is, and you know all about this. What do you see on your news? What is the bias between joy and horror? This balance is Human nature, and the grid reflects that very attribute of humanism. It gives far greater emphasis to negative things.

Up to now, dear ones, the earth has remembered dark energy in a nonlinear way and has given greater emphasis to where many have died and where there has been great suffering. The grid remembers horror a lot more than the birth of a child. It’s responsible for what you call hauntings and ghosts and all those apparitions that are playing the tapes in the same way – that’s the Crystalline Grid.

When you look at the planet and ask what vibration it is today, it’s the measurement of the Crystalline Grid that is used to answer that. That is what the vibration of the planet is based upon – what Humans are doing and have done in the past. Then we told you that the way the grid remembers Human action is starting to change.

So now you have an answer to a quantum question: How can things done in the future change the past? That is happening now, because what you are doing now is changing the linearity of the grid’s “remembering system”. So what happens that is positive is going to carry a far grander and greater energy to the grid. Therefore, it overwrites anything that was there, called past energy.

There’ll be a day when you can walk into the battlefield and say, “I feel nothing.” This is because there have been Humans who have trod this path who are Lightworkers and every step they took changed the attributes of the field they walked in. So the new energy is able to allow Humans alive now to rewrite the past!

Now, that’s out of the purview of your reality. You’re not with me on it. You want the storage process to be linear and it isn’t. So we’re saying there’s a recalibration of self – that is to say, a recalibration of what you’d expect is real. It couldn’t get any more personal than this. Imagine what the energy would be for humanity if the energy of history changed?

If the grid reflects Human consciousness and the grid is recalibrating, then the “self” of the Human is also recalibrating in the same manner. Human nature is following the model of what is taking place with the grid. Humanity will eventually become softer, placing emphasis on beauty instead of horror.

Imagine a situation where oil does not float to the top when mixed with water. You might say, “But oil always floats to the top. It has to. It’s molecular bonding, and density, and it always floats to the top.” What if we said there’d come a day when physics itself may actually alter the reality of everything that you’ve known? What if oil became closer to the density of water and, therefore, it would simply lay there in the middle and not float to the top? Now, if it did that, you would say, “That’s spooky. Something is wrong with this.” You wouldn’t understand it, and that’s the point. Your reality biases you toward what has always been and does not allow for what might be.

If something could change to the degree that it upsets everything that you expected or thought was accurate and true, how would you react? Based upon your core survival experiences and what you’ve learned on the planet, how would you deal with it? Could you recalibrate yourself and say, “I understand it used to be one way and now it’s another,” and move forward? Or would you look at it and say, “I wonder when it’s going to return to the way it was?” This, dear ones, is the crux of this message, for as the energy on this planet shifts, even the old soul will be tempted to say, “Sure, Kryon, it’s wonderful. It’s good. I love it. I’m going to work with it.” Then in their darkest hours, they’re going to say, “I’m tired of this! When will it return to the way it was?” It’s because you grew up in an energy where the duality was one way, but now it’s starting to be another.

Recalibration of Self-Worth

Now we bring up the point of who the Lightworker is. The recalibration of self is going to be the recalibration of self-worth. Now, we’ve said it briefly before, but the Lightworker is afraid of the dark. It’s because the dark has beat you up every lifetime, hasn’t it? So we sit in a room of old souls who have come into this life yet again fearing what the dark energy might bring for them. But you came anyway, and you came in without knowing what was going to happen. There were many prophets who said you wouldn’t make it past 2000. Now you are in 2012! Every time you arrive, the dark energy seems to be against you.

When I first arrived and presented myself to my partner, it was slightly after the Harmonic Convergence. I told my partner I was here because of what humanity had done. I told my partner I would not have been here otherwise, for there was nothing to teach, that you would not have made it. Does it make sense that I would arrive to teach you for 20 years then you all die horribly? No! I arrived because of the potentials of what are happening right now.

Those who were astute and who had felt the Kryon energy come into the planet knew why I had arrived. I represented an entire entourage coming to share the good news with old souls, to be their cheering section, because they had turned the energy of doom around. Against all odds, it had changed.

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