Life Coach, MetaPhysician


Energy follows Intention

Here’s 3 Ways to Instantly Feel Better About Yourself Today
1. Forgive yourself!

You can’t change the past; you can only change how you
respond in the present moment:

What you think of NOW, how you feel NOW and how you
act NOW.

Refusal to forgive yourself for something you can’t change –
keeps you ‘paralyzed’ from ever moving forward into a better

Worse still! It will consume you.

You MUST stop beating yourself up. It’s time to “let go of
it” and move on.

Forgiving yourself doesn’t mean “forgetting” the past.

It means that, despite whatever you’ve done in the past, you
are a good person who deserves to be happy.

2. Praise yourself!

Distinct from both a reward and a treat… praise comes from

Identify your good qualities – what you like about yourself,
your positive traits.

Recognize your strengths, your talents and abilities.

Honor your accomplishments.

Compliment yourself – and likewise, accept the compliments
of others (this is important…)

…Don’t shrug them off or wave them off or do whatever you
do to dismiss and discount them; that only strengthens your
mistaken belief that you don’t deserve to be praised.

Say “thank you” politely, and soak in it.

This may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but believe me,
it’s worth GOLD.

An added ‘bonus’ of accepting other’s compliments with
pride…is that others will start to see *you* in a different

You will come across MUCH more confident, attractive and

And you will begin to “attract” this into your reality.

Amazing how this works isn’t it? 😉

3. Empower Your Inner-Beliefs!

How you feel about yourself, and the relationship you have
with yourself is *ALL* part of the ‘inner-beliefs’ that are
stored in your unconscious.

This mostly happens at a young age – and is selectively
reinforced by your experiences as you get older.

It’s like a whirlpool… You only ‘see’ what your
subconscious believes is true, and in turn that enforces what
your subconscious ‘knows’ to be true.

…Then you start seeing more and more of what your
subconscious believes….and so it goes, on and on.

The easiest way to break this cycle is to change (and uplift!)
the “beliefs” you have of yourself …and of your abilities.


By literally ‘reprogramming’ your mind with NEW, more
self-empowering beliefs that “serve you” to reach your full
and real potential in life.

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