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Fine tuning

Fine tuning choice:
The Secret of Guidance and Right Action

“In seeking guidance, you simply think quietly about right action. This means that you are using the infinite intelligence resident in the subconscious mind to the point where it begins to use you. From there on, your course of action is directed and controlled by the subjective wisdom within you, which is all-wise and omnipotent. Your decision will be right. There will be only right action because you are under a subjective compulsion to do the right thing. I use the word compulsion because the law of the subconscious is compulsion.

The secret of guidance or right action is to mentally devote yourself to the right answer until you find its response in you. The response is a feeling, an inner awareness, an overpowering hunch whereby you know that you know. You have used the power to the point where it begins to use you. You cannot possibly fail or make one false step while operating under the subjective wisdom within you. You will find that all your ways are pleasantness and all your paths are peace.”

– The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy

“If you are seeking guidance regarding investments, or if you are worried about your stocks or bonds, quietly claim, “Infinite intelligence governs and watches over all my financial transactions. Whatsoever I do shall prosper.” If you do this frequently, with perfect faith and confidence, you will find that you will be guided to make wise investments. Moreover, you will be protected from loss, because you will be prompted to sell any risky securities or holdings before any loss accrues to you.”

– The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy)

“In buying or selling, remember that your conscious mind is the starter and your subconscious mind is the motor. You must start the motor to enable it to perform its work. Your conscious mind awakens the power of your subconscious mind.

For example, you may wish to buy a home. In your relaxed state of mind, you affirm as follows: The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind is all wise. It reveals to me now the ideal home that meets all my requirements and that I can afford. I am now turning this request over to my sub-conscious mind. I know it responds according to the nature of my request. I release this request with absolute faith and confidence in the same way that a farmer deposits a seed in the ground, trusting implicitly in the laws of growth.

The answer to your prayer may come from an advertisement in the paper or from a friend. Or you may be guided directly to a particular home that is exactly what you are seeking. There are many ways in which your prayer may be answered. The principal knowledge, in which you may place your confidence, is that the answer always comes, provided you trust the working of your deeper mind.”

– The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy)

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