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Had to share this it’s the key to change.

Persistence; Keep on keeping on!

One of the most important keys to manifesting our goals and making our dreams come true is perseverance.

I have a friend who is a famous actor, but he wasn’t always. When he began his career, things were difficult; he would sleep on people’s couches, and sometimes he could barely afford meals. He told me some of the best advice he received during that time was from his acting coach who said, “Perseverance will win out over talent any day. The reason you see the same couple of dozen actors in every film and TV show is because a lot of the other really talented people got tired of trying, packed up their bags, and went home.”

This was an important lesson, not just for his career, but for his life.

The people you see living out their dreams are the ones who never gave up, even when the going got rough.

It’s hard to keep getting up after every time we fall or experience rejection, especially when it seems like we are going nowhere. But the truth is, these hurdles are what require us to raise the bar on our belief in ourselves, our trust in the universe, and the amount of hard work we’re willing to put in to make our dreams a reality.

Obstacles will make the reward that much sweeter. The more challenges we overcome, the more fulfilled we can experience in the end.

And remember, it’s always darkest just before the dawn.

When we feel like giving up is usually when we’re almost there. Keep on keeping on!

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