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Parable # 7 Kryon

Aaron & the Globe of Essence
By Lee Carroll & Kryon
Dear ones, Kryon gives you these parables and these stories on purpose, for they are metaphoric and usually do not always represent an actual person on Earth. These parables and these stories are given to you in love—oh, such great love. For they have to do with human self-awareness, and they have to do with healing and long potential lives. 

Aaron was on the Earth as a wealthy man, and when he was in his 40th year, he was disturbed by what he saw in the mirror. What he saw there was a man who was beginning to change and age. He didn’t like what his face or his stature was turning into. All around him he saw his friends catching various diseases, and some of them were even dying. So he said to himself, “What can I do that would change this? Surely there must be an answer. I know I have my wealth for some reason.” 

Now, Aaron was a Godly man with a great lineage. He thought, I will use my wealth to discover what some have called the fountain of youth. And so he went to a very wise man and asked him, “Does the fountain of youth exist?” 

The shaman said to him, “Not exactly, but there is something we know of as the “Globe of Essence.” It is real and it is physical; it will extend your life and will heal your diseases. It will also give you great wisdom.” 

“Oh, wise man,” Aaron said, “tell me, where can I find this Globe of Essence?” 

“Well,” replied the wise one, “one of the ways is to find the chalice of Christ—” 

“Oh, no!” Aaron interrupted. “That is the Holy Grail, and I do not believe in that. My religion does not support these things.” 

The wise man smiled and said, “Aaron, believe it or not, the Globe of Essence, the Chalice of Christ, and the Holy Grail were all carried within the Ark of the Covenant.” 

Aaron thought, How can this be? The Ark was considerably before Christ. Aaron ignored this last statement from the shaman, pursuing only what he heard that interested him. 

“Tell me, where should I look to find this Globe of Essence?” 

The shaman replied, “It is for you to have if you choose, for we can see your contract clearly, and we know that you could be the one to find it. All you have to do is begin your search and trust God to lead the way.” 

Aaron was very excited, for he interpreted this to mean that he was the one scheduled to find the Globe of Essence for the planet! Once it was discovered, Aaron thought, think of those he could help and heal—for he would have a long life, as well as those around him … his friends, his relatives. 
Oh, this was even better than he had thought. He believed the wise man, for there was no reason not to. 

So Aaron began his search, thinking, Where shall I go first? Answering his own question intuitively, he said, “I will go first to those spots on the planet that I know have the highest energy.” So he went to Sedona (audience laughter). He searched all around, and he spoke to the guardians of the canyons. The guardians said, “You will not find it in the canyon. You must look in other places.” So his trip took him to some of the most sacred places on the planet. 

“Where is the highest religious place?” Aaron asked himself. Again answering himself, he said, “It is my home! I will go there.” So Aaron went to the Holy land and sat in front of many religious leaders, some of whom had never heard of the Globe of Essence, and some of whom said, “Yes, we have heard and we know. Continue your search; indeed, you are one who may find it.” 

So Aaron went into the other areas, the areas of Egypt that were close by. He asked the same questions and got much the same result. He went to the land of Peru and to the land of India. He sat in front of some who said they personally were the Globe of Essence—that all he had to do was to remain with them and give them his attention and his possessions. Aaron knew better, for he knew that it was an object, something that he could touch, and that it was for all humanity and not for just one group. 

Now, this search of Aaron’s took him many, many years; he was growing older the entire time, and he was changing. This was frightening him, and so Aaron started to worry. The worry interrupted his body’s function, and Aaron became sick. 

Aaron was on his death bed surrounded by those who loved him. He knew he had not found the Globe of Essence, and those around him did, too. He was angry at the wise man who told him he would find it. “What kind of trick is this?” he asked. “What has God done to me?” Aaron was ill, and depressed by the fact that the Globe of Essence had escaped him so completely. His family had watched his quest consume him, and they told him to stop the search for his own sake. He was very tired and longed to sleep. 

The next morning he awoke, and this time he stood up. He felt wonderful, but something was different. As his guides came closer to him, he realized that he had indeed passed over. Aaron was not happy at this moment, and he said to his guides as soon as they were before him, “I know who you are, and I know where I am going. What foolish trick is this that I have not found the promised Globe of Essence, for I was told by the Holy man that I would. Have you all deceived me?” 

His guides smiled at him, and in perfect love they embraced him with their energy. They asked him to turn around and look behind him. There in the place where Aaron had lain was the Globe of Essence! There it was! It was physical, and he could touch it. It had weight and substance, and it had been in his heart the whole time! Aaron was dumbfounded at the implications of what he was seeing. 

He looked around the table at his relatives, and he was shocked. For among those living humans that were sobbing and mourning his passing—in each one was a Globe of Essence as well! 

Then Aaron understood that there was not just one Globe of Essence. “It was for all humanity,” the wise man had said. “You will find it if you search.” But the wise man never said there was only one! And then Aaron knew. And he looked at his guides, and he understood. 

He smiled and said, “Thank you. For now I understand my contract and my lesson.” Then he turned and walked between his angel friends toward the light—a place he had been many times before. He was not interested in remaining a moment longer in what seemed to be a low vibrational energy. 

Even in his short time in the new vibration, Aaron understood that all things learned during his lifetime would be passed on to his next incarnation, and he could hardly wait. For he knew of the trip through the tunnel—through the cave where the record is kept of his incarnations. And then on to the hall of honor, and after that the planning sessions and the return to the planet. For when he returned, he knew that he indeed would be the one to find the Globe of Essence. He would do it as a child, and he would live a very long life. For he would remember this time; he’d remember the lesson that the Globe of Essence is the gift of the precious part of God within each Human. 

This parable is not lost on any of you. Kryon says that there are those of you who sit reading these words by appointment! God gives you the ability to reach out and discover the elusive Holy Grail, for this is the Globe of Essence which is GOD IN YOU. It is the part of God that resides in each of us, which many call the “higher self.” Here is a story that shouts, “Reach out and take it and be healthy. Live a long time. Be in your sweet spot. God wants you to remain and live very long lives.” 

Some of you are saying, “This cannot be, because I look around me and I do not see God residing in the troubled humans around me.” Kryon says that when enough of us find our Globe of Essence, we indeed will look around us and see the changes. But it must start in the room you are in right now, and rooms like this all over the planet.

In your quietness, you may search for what you carry from birth, and through your personal discovery, you may change the way things work around you, which will have an effect on others and which can eventually change the area you live in! You carry with you the seeds of the Universal Spirit of God and all the healing and wisdom that goes with it. God invites you to reach inward and discover the reality of this and the peace that comes with it-and the planet will change because of what you do in your most quiet time.

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