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Work with your changes

Dratzo! We return with more to tell you. The coming changes in your reality are vital because they acknowledge the grand shift in consciousness that you are going through. Every single aspect of you is subtly changing, beginning with the shifting configuration of your RNA/DNA. Some of you are being exposed to a very accelerated amount of change while others are undergoing gentler shifts which require a minimum of bodily discomfort. Those presently experiencing lesser amounts of discomfort are scheduled to move into more pronounced ascension symptoms in the early summer months. In short, all of you are being altered at the pace and types of change specified in your individual life contracts. However, the general level of discomfort is programmed by Heaven to increase during the course of the summer months. This summer marks a very special moment in your history: disclosure is central to our overall planning and we dearly desire to have this requisite formally announced. It allows us to address you directly and to begin planning the next steps in your return to full consciousness. (Excerpt from Update: May 14, 2013)

For many of us, these changes have been dramatically accelerated these past few weeks. Every day my wife and I deal with varying degrees of vibrations in the areas of the pericardium and solar plexus. Trigger points are after eating, bending down (tying shoes in particular), and, most of all, lying down at night. We have also found that sleep patterns have become very erratic. We wake through the night with pericardium disturbances and find it impossible to get back to sleep until things calm down. We are experiencing symptoms such as occasional headaches and wild energy fluctuations. It helps to develop a sense of humour because each day is an adventure!

To add to the list of 3D challenges, we who live in cities are exposed daily to wireless towers and electronic energy waves, smart meters, cell phones, computers and a host of other health-disruptive frequencies. This is ramped up by environmental pollution, fluoridated water, chemtrails and GMO food.

So how do we cope with these symptoms?

Early one morning just after waking, I began to experience unusually strong vibrations in the pericardium and solar plexus. I tried breathing exercises to calm things down but they did little to help. What to do now? I decided to get up and do an active meditation. Calling in my medical teams and guides, I asked to be shown how to deal with calming down my vibrations. During the course of my meditation, I was shown how to move my hands, palms down, to push the stagnant energy downward, into the earth, and replace it with fresh energy from the universe. I visualized a funnel of light at the top of my head, radiating fresh energy down through my body. It was simple! Insights were given me that explained: We are in an ongoing process of replacing our old 7-chakra energy patterns with fresh 13-chakra energy patterns.


The reason we feel tired, restless, and vibrate with ascension syndrome is owing to our need to constantly replace old and stagnant energy patterns with fresh, new ones. When we fail to work on replacing old energy with fresh energy, our ascension syndrome symptoms become even more pronounced.

We must learn to manage these changes. They are no more than bumps in the path on our march toward full consciousness, and our ultimate goal is in sight.

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