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Ajna Center for Learning in Pune is giving a Counselling and Life Coaching Training on;

                     July 8Th – July 20th

Learn how to increase inner power, improve your self-awareness and heal yourself.

All of us are victims to Stress. Our belief system rules our actions, relationships, and our lives. We all believe at times that we have to be perfect and perform perfectly to get acceptance and love we want from others. These conditions are stressful, when unaddressed stress diminishes our ability to function the way we feel we should.


Ajna Center for learning offers a 2 week Kinesiology training programme to

Transform stress into Creative potential.

A stress-free state enables you to:

  • Improve your self-worth , re-design your self-image
  • Increase  your self-confidence  
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Free yourself from self-doubt, feelings of hopelessness and confusion
  • Learn to deal with your fears, phobias that limit your potential.
  • Learn to be healthier physically and emotionally.
  • Regain vitality and strength to perform and be in your true power
  • Overall change in your perspective towards yourself and the way you see your world.


In our search for more we may have tried so many different methods of        self-improvement. We all assume that THIS can be the key to the change and relief we are seeking. So what makes AJNA different???.  


The training at AJNA enables YOU to talk to your own cellular truth and understand how to free yourself from some of your childhood limitations towards achieving improved self awareness.

WIth the amazing technique of emotional bio-feedback, your body  responds and answers your questions regarding any issue you would like to improve in your life. 

Precision Muscle Testing enables us to retrieve information from the cellular memories. Our cellular memories records all the answers that we are looking for and this enables us to find our own solutions, make changes in our own way and literally change and heal ourselves.  Using ‘Bio-feedback‘as a tool we can edit and re-program our belief system.

This training is geared towards those interested in learning this simple and easy-to-do technique and prepares you to become a Life Coaching Practitioner.

To hear more please cut and paste this link on your browser

Dr. Warren Stagg

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