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Parable # 5

Parable # 5 a long one:

Marla and the Mouse
By Lee Carroll & Kryon

Marla the Mouse was a good mouse who lived with many mice in a mouse city. Marla had many things to eat and lived a fine mouse life. Along the way, Marla had many dreams that she did not understand. She had dreams where she seemingly soared in the air and where she felt different, and she just did not understand these dreams. So Marla, being an inquisitive mouse, called upon God-mouse and said, “Squeak squeak.” (We will interpret.)

“What are these dreams of mine, for they interest me greatly?” asked Marla. Suddenly, in front of Marla, two mouse-angels appeared with their furry wings. “Marla, we wish to show you what your dreams mean,” said the mouse-angels. “Come with us if you choose, and we will take you on an important path.”

“Yes, I would like to go!” replied Marla.

“You will be away from the others for a time,” squeaked the mouse-angels, “and there will be difficulties, for there are mountains to climb.”

“That’s okay. I am going with you,” Marla squeaked excitedly.

And so the mouse-angels took Marla by the paw and started their journey. She left the mouse city, and the mouse-angels were correct, for there were times when Marla wanted to turn back. As easily as it would have been for her to tuck her tail between her legs and return, she did not. She continued to move forward a day at a time despite the difficulties.

Along the way, Marla noticed that there were other mice who had joined the journey, asking the same questions as Marla had. Each additional mouse was added along the trail, some in higher places than Marla had started from. Some mice dropped out of the journey, feeling that it was too difficult. Some missed their friends and family in the city and decided to go back. Even so, there were many mice following the mouse-angel guides to find out about the wonderful dreams they were having.

Finally, they reached the top of a magnificent precipice. It had taken them a long time to get there, but they were not tired, for they were very anxious to know what their dreams had meant. All of the mice intuitively knew that there was some hidden message within the dreams, something special, something magnificent-and they were not disappointed.

They lined up on the precipice and saw before them a grand ocean, a body of water that they were unaware of. Marla had never seen an ocean before and was mouse-awed. Oh, it smelled wonderful. Marla had never smelled anything so inviting as the salt of the ocean. They were all very excited, for they knew something was about to change.

“We have information for you that will now make sense of your dreams,” said the mouse-angels. “You are not mice at all. You are fish!” Marla was astounded at this information, but she was pensive for a moment.

“I’m not sure I want to be a fish,” said Marla to any mouse listening. But then the mouse-angels showed her the kind of fish that they meant. It was a hundred times the size of Marla. A grand, silvery, sparkling, magnificent, glowing fish! She was again mouse-awed by this sight. Then she realized that the dreams she had were of being a fish – soaring to the heights, hundreds of feet in the ocean, above and below, totally free, with big, wonderful fish muscles! One flip of a tail would send the fish many, many yards. What freedom to float through the water! Then Marla felt that this, indeed, is where she came from. This was home!

And as if all of them realized it together, the mice suddenly looked over the ocean to see that there were fish there, sticking their heads out, waving flippers at them, saying, “Remember us, we were your mouse friends from before.”

Marla recognized a few of them and said, “Yes, I didn’t know where you went! Now I know.”

And then the guides told the group an amazing thing. “Not only is this the interpretation of your dreams, but your journey to this place has a reward as well. Just by asking, you can be a magnificent fish, also, and you can jump into this ocean, join your friends, and live an expanded life. The choice is yours.”

Marla watched as three of her mouse friends instantly did exactly that. What a miracle! It was almost as if they shed their mouse costumes and dove into the great sea. Then Marla had a thought, and she asked her mouse-angels, “What about the others – the ones we left behind in the city? Will they come as well?”

“No,” replied the wise mouse-fish-angels. “This is not for every mouse. They must ask as you did and be as aware as you were about their inner quests.”

“How will they know about this?” asked Marla.

“Through dreams, and mouse-enlightenment” said the mouse-fish-angels.

Then Marla asked an important question. “If I were to return and help them with mouse-enlightenment, could I still be a fish?”

“Anytime you wish,” answered the mouse-fish-angels. “In fact, you can be a fish now and help them in the city as well.”

“How can I be in two places at the same time?” inquired Marla. “Won’t my fish presence scare them?”

“Consider it the beginning of mouse-fish-angel training! You will understand it all soon. If you go back as a fish, some will reject you, for they will not see the fish part of you. They will only see you as different and odd. It’s a difficult thing being in two places at the same time. It’s up to you Marla – will you join us?” The mouse-fish-angels then turned into fish and disappeared into the ocean with the others.

Now this is the point in a children’s story where we tell you everything turned out fine and that Marla lived happily ever after as a fish. But in this tale, the mouse-angels had asked Marla for a decision, and that is where we leave the story.

Dear ones, we wish you to understand the point of “Marla the Mouse.” In the new enlightened energy, some of you will have two pulls upon you: one will be to change and join the others in a graduate status while remaining on the planet; the other will be to stay as you are and do good work for humanity. Not all are called to this place. Make no mistake. Whatever is your decision is honored without judgment. Each one of you is alone in this and will know what to do. So the answer to what Marla did lies within your own heart. Such is the process of being an ascended one in the new energy.

This parable exemplifies one of the most powerful and elite gifts of the new age-ascension status. It can also be the most confusing. Many have felt that this new gift is where humans can go through a process of vibratory change and actually ascend into the heavens, never to be seen again. This, indeed, is an option.

Kryon tells us, however, that true new age ascension status is where humans remain on the planet in a new vibratory state. We stay human, but with the attributes of an ascended one. He also tells us that the path is difficult, but that it is honored and not for all humans to do. It is all part of the energy and vibration that this planet will need to move into the new millennium.

We will need to have a certain amount of ascended ones walking among us who have the vibratory rate from the other side of the veil, while remaining on Earth. They will not necessarily be welcomed either, for the lower vibration of most of us will not mix well with the high vibrations of the ascension status. It is a role, therefore, requiring some sacrifice.

The fish example? It’s who we are when we are not here. It’s our natural state in the ocean of the cosmos. Can we be a fish and remain in human form (or mouse form)? Yes, we can, and that’s the challenge of the ascension status. With the challenge, however, comes the certainty that to do so will cause a distance from many of our friends and family, who don’t know of such things and vibrate differently. Because of the change in you, some will even call you evil.

This status is beginning to be exposed by many enlightened teachers and will be clearer as time goes on. Kryon chose to tell this as a children’s story in order to begin instruction on a complicated subject – and in a way we could all relate to.


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