Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Parable # 2

Sarah and the Old Shoe
By Lee Carroll & Kryon
Sarah was a new age enlightened woman. She understood how to take responsibility for her life and that she was to find her reason for being on the planet. Sarah, therefore, asked her guides how to go about finding her “sweet spot” (the place where she agreed to be), and they gave her good information. She understood the processes and set about to co-create what she knew was her passion. 

Sarah wished to be part of the ecology of the planet—to help with improving the Earth and all who lived on it. So, through a window of opportunity that suddenly appeared (a coincidence?), she was given the chance to do just that. The opportunity came in the form of a job within a company that worked with high-end ecological systems – something that excited Sarah greatly and made her feel that she could make a difference for many people. Her new job would take her across town each day to work in a comfortable office where she could accomplish her life’s goal. 

“This is why I am here,” she acknowledged. “I have such a passion for this.” She was elated and peaceful. Everything was working out fine as she started the job except for one thing. You see, coming into this incarnation on the planet, Sarah was given a fear of small places. In order to get to her job, it was necessary for Sarah to ride the subway train, and she was paralyzed twice a day by the experience. Each morning she would enter the subway and would slowly fry in her own fear. She would be anxious, gripping the pole with her sweaty hand, and her heart would pound for the entire 25 minutes it took to travel to this wonderful job. 

After a month, Sarah came to her guides and painfully admitted, “This is not working for me. I need to find another job.” 

Her guides asked her, “How can this be? Didn’t you co-create the exact situation you asked for? Is this not a victory?” 

“I can’t continue going to the job because of my fear of small places,” replied Sarah. “It spoils my entire day – two times – coming and going!” 

“Sarah,” her guides suggested, “how about if we eliminate the fear, not the job.” 

“I don’t know,” replied Sarah hesitantly. “I’ve had the fear of small places for 35 years; I’ve only had the job for a month.” 

And so you see, Sarah was comfortable with her fear. Like an old shoe, it was somehow like a friend – a known quantity – something that was always there. And just like an old shoe, it might be ugly and tattered, but she had worn it for so long that it was the last thing she felt could be changed. 

Again, this is a true story. Sarah is real, and the fear of small places, the job, and the problem is real. You will be pleased to know that Sarah walked into her fears, and to this day she rides the subway train in joy and peace to her wonderful job. But there was a time when she doubted it could happen. She would say, “What? This psychological problem has always been here. How could it ever leave? This is just too much to ask!” 

Sarah finally decided that the job was more important than her fear, and she found to her amazement that her intent to void the claustrophobia was honored by God with almost immediate results. Just as her mind had a setup to create a fear of enclosed spaces, her mind also had the setup and the ability to void it – and she took control of the situation and did exactly that. What a concept!


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