Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Remember that the powerful universal law of
attraction is activated by your thoughts,
emotions and beliefs. Emotion in particular is
what provides the “fuel” for your desires.

1) Joy.

Joy is one of the highest frequency emotions
because it puts you into a state of near bliss.
When you feel joyful, your heart is soaring, your
spirits are lifted and you are emitting a blast
of positive energy like you wouldn’t believe!
The universe, of course, receives your “joy
signal” and immediately begins shifting
circumstances in your life to make room for more
things that will bring you joy.

Practice sitting in a state of joy at least once a
day. You can read or watch something that makes
you feel joyful, or simply think of something and
visualize it until you’ve got those powerful
emotions flowing.

2) Gratitude.

Gratitude is another strong, positive emotion.
Not quite as strong as joy, but still very good.
Most importantly, gratitude puts you immediately
into a state of allowing because you’re focusing
only on abundance.

Make a daily habit of feeling grateful and
appreciative of everything you have, see, and
experience in your daily activities. You can be
grateful for the blessings in your life, but also
for the kind people you meet, the beautiful
sunrise while you’re out taking a walk before
work, or anything else that brings a smile to your

3) Passion.

Yet another power-booster for the Law of
Attraction, passion thrusts you into a state of
feel-good that won’t allow any negativity or lack
to intrude. This can apply to both romantic
passion, or emotional passion like you would
experience from doing something you really enjoy.

Make time for passion in your life every day.
Indulge in fun hobbies, rich foods, beautiful
artwork and music, and anything else that stirs
your passion.

These 3 emotions alone can inspire impressive
change in your life, but also be sure to make
room for others like love, peacefulness, harmony,
humor and serenity.

All your positive emotions have the
power to turn you into a strong magnet for
everything you desire, so try and use them at
every opportunity you can.

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