Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A responsibility

This is one of our responsibilities, spend time with this daily.
Just Imagine

Just imagine a world where there is no conflict ~ no selfish competition ~ only loving cooperation.

Imagine a world free of pollution, free of want, free of disease, free of disaster. Imagine a world populated with smiling, laughing, happy, joyous people~~all radiantly healthy, all abundantly supplied, all loved and loving. Feel this world and put yourself right in the middle of it. See yourself surrounded with abundance, doing what you love and loving what you do, unbound and free. See yourself with the capacity to embrace and love and serve every single man and woman and child on this planet, regardless of who they are or what they have done. Feel that unconditional Love radiating from you to all and returning from all to you.

Let there be peace in your heart, the excitement of victory in your mind and joyous words on your lips. So be it.

Selamat Ja!

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