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Think on this

Think on this.

“God is a Yin-Yang. The Yin part is also what is called Darkness, but it isn’t necessarily bad. Dark can simply mean hidden or mysterious. The Yin Part is where things like the New Age and Witchcraft are found in. There are many beautiful things in the Yin Part. The Yin Part can be known as the Universal Cosmic Mother. But the Cosmic Mother isn’t a real divinity. It may have a Presence that can be felt, but it is only a partially manifested, not fully revealed Presence of The Father/Son. This Presence draws you to inquire and know more about it. When you move fully into the Presence through praise and worship, the Father/Son is revealed to you.

The Yang part of God is also what is called Light. The Yang part is the manifested, expressed, exalted and revealed God. Yang also signifies expanded, outer and above. The Father contains the Cosmic Mother (The Universe) within Himself (His Infinite Being). The Father exists in a dimension above all other dimensions. This dimension is known as the Kingdom. The Father is Infinite Being and appears in the form of The Son. Those who see the Son have seen the Father because they are the same.

There are those who are fully present in the Yin part of God without really knowing the Yang part. To them God is Universal Divine Feminine, while they have no experience or revelation of the Father/Son. But when one sees the LORD on the Throne, He is Christ Jesus the King of Glory. There are those who are fully present in the Yang part of God without knowing the Yin part. They may not be able to fully understand things that are “Dark” or mysterious. Cosmic Science-Spirituality is exploring the Yin.

Understanding the Yin-Yang of God resolves the conflict between seeing God as He/Her. God when revealed and expressed – is Yang, and therefore also comes forth in the Yang Gender as Male. The fully expressed, experienced and exalted Presence of God is a He. He is the Son/Father LORD Christ Jesus revealed. The Hidden and Mysterious aspect of God which is the Universe can be perceived and felt as the Beautiful Darkness of Divine Feminine Energy. It can also be genderless and neutral.

From this Yin-Yang perspective, we can also see that there is an aspect of God that is neutral and causes rain to fall on the just and unjust alike, and there is also an aspect of God that judges what is right or wrong, good or evil according to His Manifold wisdom of judgment and truth. There are those who only know God in the Yin way and think there is no judgment and are lost and foolish in their thinking and action. There are those who only know God in the Yang way and think God is never neutral.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

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