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A matter of importance

It is important for you to comprehend what is involved in your transformation to a fully conscious Being; it is, in truth, a very complex and delicate operation. You possess several billion sets of RNA/DNA switches which need to be reversed. You also have nearly a million miles of unique physical structures that require special alterations. All this is to be accomplished by a means that Heaven has devised and which will also be controlled by your divine Will. This entire process is to be carried out via a set of sacred formulas, given to us by our medical teams and our heavenly advisors, and using techniques which are being allowed only because of the special mandate connected with your destiny: to become a fully conscious Being of Light. Heaven watches all this very closely and assures us that you are to shift according to the divine schedule which translates into a specific timeframe. You stand now on the brink of this time as your divine moment is at hand. As you look around you, it behooves you to perceive the immense significance of this most unique and precious moment.

Each day we interact with your dark cabal and wonder at its dogged and seemingly oblivious stance at the prospect of any future change. In truth it is simply doing what the Divine so desires. On the one hand it deeply believes in itself and its invincibility, and on the other, it watches in panic as its many plans are thwarted by the changing conditions thrown up by the collision between its desires and your incoming divine reality. It now recognizes this dichotomy to be untenable as it sees just how close is the collapse of its world, and a sense of doom has overcome the leadership groups as they stare into the face of the unknown. They are starting to see that the invincibility and power they took so for granted are illusions and all the plans they had made ultimately pipe-dreams. Hence their disarray mounts, and their ability to direct the affairs of the world falters and wanes. As their grip weakens, the incoming Light picks up the slack, and now a great shift toward the Light is upon us! Your reality has arrived at what is called ‘its divine shift point.’

During the next stage of operations, unprecedented announcements are to be broadcast, accompanied by a grand disbursement of wealth, new governance, and disclosure. Your new governance is to be fully transparent and a true instrument of the Divine. Miracles and wonders will be the order of the day! Take a moment to realize the deep import of what lies in front of you. It is all too easy to underestimate the impact of these events on your emotions, your lives, your neighborhoods, and humanity at large. The seemingly impossible will be rolled out before you, evoking a befitting gratitude and humility from deep within. But feel also the triumph, as all you have envisioned so patiently and for so long at last comes true! This is no time to go into ho-hum mode; it is what all your work and dedication have been focused on. And now your strength and compassion are needed still, as the dark ones go through their trials of accountability and then take their places among you. As you return to full consciousness, all pain and anger will vanish as will the past!


Abundance is our birth right, until we get our self out of the way it’s not available. Removing our doubts and fears is crucial to our success.
Some men and women seem to attract success, power, wealth, attainment, with very little conscious effort; others conquer with great difficulty; still others fail altogether to reach their ambitions, desires and ideals. Why is this so?
Why should some men and women realize their ambitions easily, others with difficulty, and still others not at all? The cause cannot be physical, else the most perfect men and women, physically, would be the most successful. The difference, therefore, must be mental – must be in the mind; hence mind must be the creative force, must constitute the sole difference between men and women. It is mind, therefore, which overcomes environment and every other obstacle in the path of men and women.
When the creative power of thought is fully understood, its effect will be
seen to be marvelous. But such results cannot be secured without proper
application, diligence, and concentration. The student will find that the
laws governing in the mental and spiritual world are as fixed and
infallible as in the material world. To secure the desired results, then, it is
necessary to know the law and to comply with it. A proper compliance
with the law will be found to produce the desired result with invariable
exactitude. The student who learns that power comes from within, that he/she is weak only because he/she has depended on help from outside, and who unhesitatingly throws themselves on their own thought, instantly rights themselves, stands erect, assumes a dominant attitude, and works miracles.
It is evident, therefore, that who ever fails to fully investigate and take
advantage of the wonderful progress which is being made in this last and
greatest science, will soon be as far behind as the person who would refuse to acknowledge and accept the benefits which have there for us since birth and are available to all through an understanding of the laws of spiritual energy.

Hi there


Aloha comes from two Hawaiian words. 
Alo = center or heart of the Universe 
Ha = breath or spirit of the Creator

Aloha is found in our hearts. It is the essence of the Creator’s Love and when that love is expressed through our voices, our minds, our hearts and our hands, the world becomes a better place.

There is only one heart, one center, one spirit, one Aloha. Find Aloha at the core of your own being and you will have instantly found it in everyone and everything. Aloha exists beyond motives, desires or opinions. It is sustained by Love, fortified by compassion and it expands in power and beauty as we give it away to all who come into our lives.


Be supportive

It’s time to let go (of our limited awareness) and let come ( our essential birth right)

Dratzo! We arrive today to discuss your prosperity! Throughout your world a massive switchover is underway. Eons ago your reality was usurped by the dark and these ones created a ruling caste of minions who have run your planet for millennia pretty much as they pleased. We come now to tell you that this unruly free hand is over. The Light has not only decreed but also explained fully to all concerned that this world is to make a wholesale shift to the Light and each of you is to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light. This will be preceded by a series of special broadcasts which will announce our benevolent presence and explain the reasons for the spread of universal prosperity and freedom which you so richly deserve. We come in this moment to declare this to you and to be the heralds of a new realm predicated on the divine ways of Heaven. Our ships encircle your world and are stationed around every planet in this solar system. Your dark ones have tried to make it more difficult for us to complete this sacred mission but their many attempts have failed. The dark must leave shortly and relinquish their minions to the fate that Heaven has chosen for them.

In the new reality, you return home to your family and leave behind you the death and disorder which have plagued your lives since the fall of Atlantis. Your special residences in Agartha await you, and here you will find the magical devices which are to return you to the state of Being you enjoyed when Lemuria prevailed over the world. Here, too, you will rediscover your real life paths and become valued members of the Galactic Federation. During your journeys through the darklands, your experiences provided you with much new wisdom, and Heaven wishes you to share this knowledge with the former members of the now-defunct Anchara Alliance, as your mission is to cement a lasting peace between all sectors of this galaxy. The prosperity and freedom which you are about to enjoy are symbols of what you will achieve, and indeed, Heaven sees you as a major player in bringing Light to all aspects involved in forging physicality. You are to be honored and accorded great respect and proper recognition for your hard-won contributions to the divine plan.

The up leveling of your global society will create more fitting conditions for you to be reintroduced to your galactic origins. This will refocus your primary concerns upon Gaia’s state of health and well-being, which will demonstrate to you the grand potential that lies within you. It is this potential coupled with your rising spiritual awareness that is most important to us as they speak to the immense innate abilities within each one of you. It is our responsibility to assist you to bring these forth and to use them to fashion a new and vital star-nation. We come, therefore, to carry out what you have long wished for. As you know, the dark has been unrelenting in its efforts to prevent these changes from manifesting because such changes would automatically ring the death knell of all that the dark has been working toward. Nevertheless, our divinely decreed task was to forge the conditions that would permit the planned, benevolent changes to come to the fore. This we have done. And it is why you now stand on the brink of startling changes which will transform forever this sacred world and allow the creation of a new star-nation.

This new realm will allow you to grow not just as an individual but also spiritually, allowing you to encompass new worlds of consciousness. As we often tell you, you are a wondrous creation that was led down a path that would allow you to experience the ways and misdeeds of the dark. Now you are ready to leave all this behind. Your new world will reunite Gaia’s surface and inner realms and you will see ‘reality’ in ways you cannot presently imagine! Your rising consciousness is to provide you with a new view of what life is about, and already, many on your world can see an end to amateur and professional sports and the demise of sports leagues, and changes far greater than these are coming. There is very little about your present social constructs and philosophies which will not be transformed as the attitudes they reflect shift profoundly. The resulting nascent galactic society will need to accommodate your ever-expanding view of yourselves as quickly maturing galactic Beings of Light. You will become enthralled as you learn about this galaxy as a grand living unity that you are a part of! Your new star-nation will become highly treasured and Loved by all who make up physicality.

An opertunity

If you want to be more open to the on going changes and you have the time, take our two week training that will remove blockages that you may not know exist. Then you can share what you have learned with others.

Work with your changes

Dratzo! We return with more to tell you. The coming changes in your reality are vital because they acknowledge the grand shift in consciousness that you are going through. Every single aspect of you is subtly changing, beginning with the shifting configuration of your RNA/DNA. Some of you are being exposed to a very accelerated amount of change while others are undergoing gentler shifts which require a minimum of bodily discomfort. Those presently experiencing lesser amounts of discomfort are scheduled to move into more pronounced ascension symptoms in the early summer months. In short, all of you are being altered at the pace and types of change specified in your individual life contracts. However, the general level of discomfort is programmed by Heaven to increase during the course of the summer months. This summer marks a very special moment in your history: disclosure is central to our overall planning and we dearly desire to have this requisite formally announced. It allows us to address you directly and to begin planning the next steps in your return to full consciousness. (Excerpt from Update: May 14, 2013)

For many of us, these changes have been dramatically accelerated these past few weeks. Every day my wife and I deal with varying degrees of vibrations in the areas of the pericardium and solar plexus. Trigger points are after eating, bending down (tying shoes in particular), and, most of all, lying down at night. We have also found that sleep patterns have become very erratic. We wake through the night with pericardium disturbances and find it impossible to get back to sleep until things calm down. We are experiencing symptoms such as occasional headaches and wild energy fluctuations. It helps to develop a sense of humour because each day is an adventure!

To add to the list of 3D challenges, we who live in cities are exposed daily to wireless towers and electronic energy waves, smart meters, cell phones, computers and a host of other health-disruptive frequencies. This is ramped up by environmental pollution, fluoridated water, chemtrails and GMO food.

So how do we cope with these symptoms?

Early one morning just after waking, I began to experience unusually strong vibrations in the pericardium and solar plexus. I tried breathing exercises to calm things down but they did little to help. What to do now? I decided to get up and do an active meditation. Calling in my medical teams and guides, I asked to be shown how to deal with calming down my vibrations. During the course of my meditation, I was shown how to move my hands, palms down, to push the stagnant energy downward, into the earth, and replace it with fresh energy from the universe. I visualized a funnel of light at the top of my head, radiating fresh energy down through my body. It was simple! Insights were given me that explained: We are in an ongoing process of replacing our old 7-chakra energy patterns with fresh 13-chakra energy patterns.


The reason we feel tired, restless, and vibrate with ascension syndrome is owing to our need to constantly replace old and stagnant energy patterns with fresh, new ones. When we fail to work on replacing old energy with fresh energy, our ascension syndrome symptoms become even more pronounced.

We must learn to manage these changes. They are no more than bumps in the path on our march toward full consciousness, and our ultimate goal is in sight.

It’s your movie

Hilarion quote: “There is a quickening of consciousness that is occurring and humanity is ready to find the next step. This is the role that you Beloved ones can now fulfill through your portals on the world-wide web…”
Warren Stagg quote: Until you identify and reprogram the negative habits of your belief system you are a self imposed victim to your self. These habitual self limitations are interfering with our ability to allow the increased Conscious Awareness that is permeating our world to change our DNA to a 5th Dimension reality. We need to get out of our own way and it can be a simple and easy task by communicating with our cellular memories through specialized muscle testing, Kinesiology. I know, I do this daily in sessions with clients and enjoy sharing their new awareness with them. It’s a pleasure watching people wake up and change their life because they now understand that it’s up to them and they can do it. Wow ! what a gift.

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