Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Presence in Action ~~ Part 2
Many of you are starting to adjust to the tremendous increases in energy that have been taking place since your Earth moved into a much closer proximity with your Galactic Center. You are starting to live in more of the internal peace and harmony that is natural to your Presence. Our major focus at this time is to keep opening the minds and hearts of humanity so as many as possible can feel their true inheritance as expressions of Source Love and Light. So little of what you see, hear or read in your world or even experience in your personal conversations is ever reminding you of the true splendor of your being~a being that extends far beyond what most of you can even imagine! We encourage you to keep directing your thoughts and feelings into what you really want to see manifested in yourselves, in your lives and in the world around you based on your connection with Source through your God Presence and your desire to truly live in Unity Consciousness

~ The Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

Everyone is having completely diverse experiences based on where they are living in their thoughts and feelings. With all of this diversity, how can Unity Consciousness truly be actualized on your Earth plane? How can you connect into the eternal rather than focusing on what is simply fleeting through your mind like a movie on fast-forward? For this is how most of humanity is living. We are reaching out to each of you who made pre-birth agreements with your soul, with your Presence, and with all of your spiritual guides and guardians to stay awake during your Great Shift in the Ages so you can be the wayshowers for those who are still living in various states of amnesia.

Rest assured that you have come here to make a difference in the world by living in the expanded domains of consciousness that are natural to your Presence. Your everyday thoughts and feelings are always being woven into frequencies that are congruent with where you are focusing your attention. You all live in a maze of diversity that is continually presenting you with a tremendous span of choices. In this sense, you are living in many parallel existences that are all taking place simultaneously.

If you choose to live in Oneness with Source and to abide in Unity Consciousness with one another, there is one common denominator that will pull all of this diversity into a workable model of wholeness and that is unconditional love. This is, in fact, what is holding all of life together throughout the cosmos. The presence of love has weakened over the many, many centuries that humankind has chosen to live in separation, yet now you are being called to make new love-based choices that will allow you to live in harmony, cooperation and true unconditional love.

Looking at this from the more expanded perception of your Presence, you have the capacity to be completely multidimensional and live in Oneness with all of life. In fact, this is the way that those in other star systems have been living for thousands upon thousands of years. Your invitation during the Great Shift in the Ages is to expand your hearts and your consciousness so you can also create your new world consciousness based on Divine Love. This is what will determine the direction that your future and the future of humanity will take in the days ahead.

It is truly time to awaken into more of how you can positively add to your personal and collective evolution by eliminating all self-limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself or others so you can move forward in living as your loving Presence in action. It is advantageous to your ascension to eliminate all tension between your transcendent, multidimensional Self and your embodied existence since consciousness exists within one continuous expression of the One ~ from the higher vibratory levels where Unity Consciousness is the reigning principal, down into the realms that make up your physical reality.

We are here to facilitate you opening up frequencies within and around your being that will give you access to the higher creative capacities of your Presence so you can use them to create and support your life in Unity Consciousness, which is the true foundation of a new Golden Age of Freedom.

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