Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Check up

I’ts time to re-check how we are choosing to use our energy. By now we are aware of the Law of Attraction. Every time we think, Speak and Feel, we influence the energy that is passing through us a a life force. How we are choosing that reality needs constant attention. Although we hear that as we use our energy we are causing our tomorrows, are we really taking the response for our actions sincerely? are we really making better choices or are we still surrendering to our belief system’s habitual control of our actions? When we do habitually react, are we using the gift of change we have been given to make more light by saying ‘I Don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!’ or are we just repeating our habitual doubts and fears? We are such creatures of habit, lets replace those old habits with renewed focus on feeling good. The choice is always ours, the results are a given. Come on Light Workers lets renew our effort to raise our vibrations and therefore the vibrations and manifations of our ‘New World’ It’s up to us lets JUST DO IT!

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