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The Science of Spiritual Time, Space and Energy

“There is a difference between spiritual time, spiritual space and spiritual energy and physical time, physical space and physical energy. Physical time is linear and measured by vibrations or movements of atoms or the rotations of heavenly bodies. Physical space is linear and measured by physical distance. Physical energy is linear and measured by velocity or frequencies or vibration. In order to understand spiritual concepts, we need to understand that there is also psychological time (where events can seem short or long based on our interest), psychological space (where distance can seem near or far based on our awareness) and psychological movement or velocity (where we seem to be moving even if another object of our attention is the one that moves – backwards or forwards – or the reverse where something else seems to be moving – like the sun around the earth – when it is actually we who moved).

The spiritual concept of time, space and energy is similar to the psychological concept of time, space and energy. The spiritual world experiences time through events, experiences space through thoughts and experiences energy through the spiritual life vibrating or pulsating from the spirit heart (which has its life origin from God). All of the Spiritual Universes still experience the concept of time, space and life but not in the same limited earth manner.”

– The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“The physical material world is of the lowest life and lowest frequency of glory. It is “like a heavy condensation of the spiritual substance of spiritual light.” For lack of a better word, I would need to use the word “astral” hereby defined as the realm between the spiritual and the material to describe some mysteries of the material creation. From the spiritual substance of the spiritual light that came forth in God’s original creation, spiritual matter is first formed. Different proportions of spiritual time, spiritual space and spiritual energy formed different types of spiritual matter (xT × yS × zE = Various Spiritual substances).

All the different spheres of the Spiritual Universes consist of the differing proportions of this light substance through differing proportions of time, space and matter. In a similar manner, natural light (photons) has three properties of frequency (related to spiritual frequency, energy or vibration), of wave length (related to the spiritual space), and a physical time dimension (related to spiritual time). For this reason, some aspects of God’s creations are completely invisible to inhabitants of a spiritual world made from other proportions of the spiritual substance of time, space and energy. Spirits created by God progress in their growth through the spiritual spheres experiencing the different dimensions and beauty of God’s creation.

The lives of the spirits are not dependent on the spiritual substances of time, space and energy of their solar systems or galaxies but rather their lives come from God directly but their manifest forms take on the substances of the respective world, solar system or galaxies in which they were first given life – their forms changing from glory to glory as they progress in their walk with God through the various spheres.”

– The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

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