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God Doesn’t Need Our Prayers

Tuesday May 14, 2013

It has been said that God doesn’t care about our prayers- after all God loves us unconditionally, right? God doesn’t “need” us; He doesn’t require that we show up and do all of our spiritual connections, use all of our spiritual tools.

In fact, the only reason we apply ourselves towards spiritual growth is because it is we who need the Creator, we who need a process that can allow our negativity to balance itself. But the only way people can achieve balance in anything is through some type of effort.

If I want to have better muscles, I need to exercise. If I want my mind to be clearer, I need to read, play chess, or do other things to focus my thoughts.

Well, in the same way, if I want to become more spiritual, I’ve got to use spiritual tools and processes to make that happen. And yes, sitting and praying is important. But what is even more important is how I treat my employees, my mother, my cousin, my wife, or my friend after I pray. If I cannot treat others with human dignity, then I can pray all day but it doesn’t make me spiritual.

This week, let’s remember that each one of us, through our own effort and our connection with the Lightforce, has the capacity to bring ourselves to a place of blessings, and through this, to change the reality of our life and the world.
Karen Berg

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