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From Kryon Book Twelve: “The Twelve Layers of DNA”

Layer Nine: The Healing Layer

Did you ever wonder about the core of the body’s communication system called kinesiology?

There is something called “muscle testing” where the body gives signals of acceptance or rejection to health questions put to it. Sometimes a person will hold a substance in his hand and ask the body if it’s acceptable to ingest or not.

This is often seen as hocus pocus by science, for their world is allopathic and works with a defined chemistry of set 3D rules of chemical interactions that they continue to discover. What they are missing is before them as the looming elephant in the room. Somehow the body “knows” what is happening, way beyond the chemistry of the blood or even the cellular structure. This is evidence of DNA Layer Nine, the layer that is within the body and is designed to create healing of the system, but not in a linear way.

Layer Nine responds to multidimensional energy! What is that, you might ask? Well, my dear Human reading this page, how about the most elegant one: Human consciousness? Throughout Human history you have seen the results of this, and you call it by many names: Prayer, meditation, worship, faith, and positive thinking. The results? Miracles, spontaneous remission, and total, complete healing. Are you starting to get the picture here?

~ Kryon through Lee Carroll

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