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Lighten up

We came to earth to transform darkness, negativity, doubts, fears, confusions etc. into light by choosing to find the value of everything beginning with what we see in the mirror.

The Two Rooms
From Kryon Book VI: “Partnering with God”

Imagine two rooms. One is filled with incredible light, and one is totally dark. There is a single door between them.

Watch what happens when you open the door. If you are standing in the room of light, darkness does not suddenly pour in. It remains in the other room unto itself. If, however, you are standing in the dark room when the door opens, suddenly it is flooded with light! The degree of darkness that existed before is now gone. Light has overcome the dark.

Dear ones, this is because light is active, and dark is passive. The energy of enlightenment is an active beacon of light to the darkness of the old-energy on your planet. A very few light workers carrying their brilliance from place to place can actually change the energy balance of the Earth!

Is it any wonder that we love you so?

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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