Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Taking charge

Who is in charge? For most of us the answer is ‘My Belief System’ We are creatures of habit, when we think about our selves, we keep repeating the limiting and defeating thoughts that we created when we were children. We get the message that every time we ‘Think, Speak and Feel’ the Law of Attraction brings the same energy back to show us what we are doing, but we don’t stop. We keep doing the same thing again and wonder why we don’t change! We are Victims to our own ideas of our self and our world, helpless and hopeless. That’s Stupid! All we need to do is to take the response-ability to change those old habits to new and supportive ones. The choice is always ours. It’s time to take charge and re-program our belief systems with a positive intent “I don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!” It’s so simple that we don’t really believe ( there goes our belief system) that it has the value that it has. We are ‘Divine beings’ pretending that we are limited humans. Change your Focus and see yourself and your world through your ‘Divine eyes’. It’s as easy as you accept it to be. Just do it, it’s time to believe in your self.

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