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Cultivating Yang Chi (Positive Energy) is the Basis of Good Fortune

“When people truly rest their mind, however, Taoists, yogis and sages all equally state that this will open up the body’s energy channels that serve as the conduit for the flow of life force. These are energy or chi channels similar to the meridians doctors use in acupuncture. Furthermore, when these chi channels do open up, the fact that they are no longer clogged means that the active life-giving yang chi in the body can circulate more freely, bringing health and vitality to wherever it goes. Also when it circulates freely, the mind calms down and can access the mental state of samadhi.

From the Tao school point of view, it is a basic scientific principle that when your body fills with yang chi, your fortune becomes of yang nature as well. This means that good fortune will result when someone cultivates the yang, or positive aspects of life. Cultivation, such as meditation, therefore produces good fortune because it quiets the mind and increases the production of yang chi. Yang energy is a type of power that attracts other positive energies to us, and we can employ it to achieve any of the outcomes we desire in life.

Therefore, by creating yang chi (positive energy) through the process of meditation, it is natural that a person can change their fortune because an individual can use its positive abilities to bring about whatever it is they desire.

Another way of saying it is that when you want to experience a spectacular improvement in your life conditions, then you must learn to develop the higher-grade yang energies in yourself and your environment. Cultivating emptiness and virtue produces the highest yang type energies, and so in reforming your faults and correcting your errant behaviors, you will be able to grow your yang energies to an extreme and create any new fortune you may envision.”

– White Fat Cow

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