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Relax and trust

Many of you are feeling anxious now. Some of you are reacting to the change simply because it is change. Part of your being a human is to fear change and desire stability.

As you look out from your Earth, you see sameness and consistency. You apparently see an unchanging and dependable state within the items that you can look at and measure over time. This is really not the case at all, for the universe is constantly in transition, and you would be able to see this if you could see the whole picture. Change is actually the desired state, but it is difficult for you to go against the feeling of your human attributes.

Please have faith that the changes are good ones. Again, not all is what it seems. Trust the fact that my adjustments are appropriate for you and the planet, and relax and have peace with the Earth during this time.

With the new energy comes a much brighter picture of how things work. This can be equated to the veil lifting slightly so that you can now see clearer than before. Whereas the communications of the past were often cryptic, or in story form for your re-interpretation, they are now far more basic. Whereas before messages might have been incorrectly interpreted due to a thick veil, now they will be clear. Hopefully you can see this happening as you read these messages. I am the first of many who will be speaking to you in a much plainer and simpler fashion than before.

~ KRYON, as channelled by Lee Carroll

I was out of India for four days and I’m back

Message from the ANGELS

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As so many of you watch the recent natural disasters we want to remind you that the greatest way you could ever assist those who are suffering or in pain is to love them. This love can come in many forms. You can pray for the individuals affected. You can, if you are guided, contribute to the organizations and individuals offering relief. You can sit in a chair, and ask God to show you one individual who needs extra love and then imagine wrapping them in the embrace of your own loving soul. You can send letters when efforts to receive that kind of love are available. If you are in the area you can volunteer your time or services. Of if you are not guided to assist in these ways you can simply pour love into your own life, knowing that the greater number of individuals who choose to live in love and peace, the greater the peace on your entire planet.

There are so many ways to love and assist those in need, but the one thing we ask you to strive to avoid is “feeling bad for” those who have been affected, for in truth “feeling bad” or “feeling pity” has never uplifted a single soul on your planet earth. And although it is very human to do so, strive to change these feelings to feelings of compassion, for compassion is love. Pity says, “Poor you! This should not be! I am glad I am not you right now!” Pity is an energy of judgment, although subtle, and rarely intended.

Compassion, on the other hand says, “Although we are at different places in our journey, I trust there is a greater reason for this, even when I do not understand what this is. I am going to love you through your pain. I will offer you a hand up, rather than sinking in the depths of despair with you I will be a beacon of hope and inspiration for you, for we have all known loss. We have all known confusion. We have all known the fear of not knowing how life is going to work. My heart is your heart and I love you.” Compassion is an energy of acceptance, trust, and unconditional love. A compassionate heart knows that there is a higher order to all things, even those that seem incomprehensible and hurtful, and can offer comfort to those in need. For out of every natural disaster, the most amazing acts of human love and kindness arise. Communities bond. The world comes together and sets aside greed, borders, barriers, boundaries, religious, cultural, and ethnic differences and realizes you are One human race with the same hearts, the same needs, the same concerns, and in the end, the same Love.

Beautiful hearts, we love you so very much. We know the pain you witness in others tugs and pulls on your hearts. But the sun does not dim to make you comfortable in your struggles. Rather it remains bright, supporting and guiding you, offering the promise of a new day even in the darkness.

Please know that your hearts are only being asked to open more widely, to share from the wealth of love within. And if you are one of those angels affected by the recent events, know that God walks inside and beside you, in the form of so many both in the heavens and on the earth that honor and acknowledge your willingness to uplift the human spirit even in times of your own need.

God Bless You. We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Speak from your heart. There are reasons, always reasons, but beneath those reasons there are truths. If you know yourself and your truths, then you can learn, you can overcome, and you can become self-empowered. You can empower yourself. You have everything you need. Have faith. Believe. Just love in earnestly loving ways — just love.

You express yourself through what you know. You define yourself by how you have been shown to be, meaning you are truly a product of your environment. What lies within your heart is not always the greater truth you seek, but usually that which has been reinforced as a valid perception of self that you have been taught throughout your lifetime and through your experiences. As our physical’s [Editor’s Note: the channel’s] great-grandmother would say, “It is all within the breeding,” meaning it is within your programing and DNA — heredity.

You are only limited by your own physical structure and its individualized ability to adapt. Some cannot overcome their limitations, and some can. It depends on what these limitations are based on and how an individual is defined through them.

From Michael

Self value

Did you know that you talk to yourself all day

No, not the mental chatter about activities and
chores that you need to remember throughout the
day. That’s a form of self talk too – but I’m
referring to the things you say to yourself on a
regular basis; and more importantly, the tone in
which you say them.

When you make a mistake, do you berate yourself
angrily? Do you put yourself down or call
yourself derogatory names?

When you have a hard time making positive changes
in your life, do you bemoan what a “worthless”
person you are and conclude that you can’t do
anything right?

Negative self-talk can be incredibly damaging to
your self- esteem, especially if it’s a big part
of your daily life. When you keep saying things
like that to yourself, eventually you begin to

Highest self-esteem and self-confidence are two of
the “keys” to unlocking the door to your desires.

If you need a self-esteem *boost* the latest technology
can lift your confidence and self-esteem to the levels it
really deserves to beat.

Most often these negative messages begin as
statements uttered by the adults in your life when
you were a child…. They may have said something
negative about you when your actions displeased
them, or perhaps they had a habit of saying unkind
things even when you didn’t deserve it.

As painful as these experiences can be, even worse
is when you pick up where they left off and keep
repeating the same negative messages to yourself
over and over!

The good news is that you can change your
“self-talk” any time you want. The first step is
to become AWARE of the ‘tone’ of your messages and
consciously ‘replace’ them with more encouraging

Try these simple steps for starters:

* Develop AWARENESS of your self-talk. It may
take practice, but if you start “listening” in to
your inner voice, you’ll begin to notice when you
talk negatively to yourself.

* CHALLENGE the negative messages. When you
notice yourself saying something negative such
as, “You’re such a screw-up, you can’t do
anything right” – Stop yourself and challenge
that belief. Is that really true? Maybe you mess
up sometimes, but do you ALWAYS mess up?
Probably not.

* REPLACE these negative messages with positive
messages. When you realize you’re saying unkind
and untrue things to yourself, simply TURN IT
AROUND in your mind.

Using the above example, you might say, “Wow,
that’s not true at all! I do plenty of things
right. It’s true I make mistakes, but so does
everyone. I’m a good person and I try my best.
That’s good enough for me.”

Over time, your efforts will pay off in the form
of stronger self- esteem and RESPECT for Yourself
and your Capabilities. It probably won’t happen
overnight, but the more you work at turning your
self-talk in a more positive direction, the better
you’ll feel about yourself.


More Presence in action

The Presence in Action ~~ Part 2
Many of you are starting to adjust to the tremendous increases in energy that have been taking place since your Earth moved into a much closer proximity with your Galactic Center. You are starting to live in more of the internal peace and harmony that is natural to your Presence. Our major focus at this time is to keep opening the minds and hearts of humanity so as many as possible can feel their true inheritance as expressions of Source Love and Light. So little of what you see, hear or read in your world or even experience in your personal conversations is ever reminding you of the true splendor of your being~a being that extends far beyond what most of you can even imagine! We encourage you to keep directing your thoughts and feelings into what you really want to see manifested in yourselves, in your lives and in the world around you based on your connection with Source through your God Presence and your desire to truly live in Unity Consciousness

~ The Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

Everyone is having completely diverse experiences based on where they are living in their thoughts and feelings. With all of this diversity, how can Unity Consciousness truly be actualized on your Earth plane? How can you connect into the eternal rather than focusing on what is simply fleeting through your mind like a movie on fast-forward? For this is how most of humanity is living. We are reaching out to each of you who made pre-birth agreements with your soul, with your Presence, and with all of your spiritual guides and guardians to stay awake during your Great Shift in the Ages so you can be the wayshowers for those who are still living in various states of amnesia.

Rest assured that you have come here to make a difference in the world by living in the expanded domains of consciousness that are natural to your Presence. Your everyday thoughts and feelings are always being woven into frequencies that are congruent with where you are focusing your attention. You all live in a maze of diversity that is continually presenting you with a tremendous span of choices. In this sense, you are living in many parallel existences that are all taking place simultaneously.

If you choose to live in Oneness with Source and to abide in Unity Consciousness with one another, there is one common denominator that will pull all of this diversity into a workable model of wholeness and that is unconditional love. This is, in fact, what is holding all of life together throughout the cosmos. The presence of love has weakened over the many, many centuries that humankind has chosen to live in separation, yet now you are being called to make new love-based choices that will allow you to live in harmony, cooperation and true unconditional love.

Looking at this from the more expanded perception of your Presence, you have the capacity to be completely multidimensional and live in Oneness with all of life. In fact, this is the way that those in other star systems have been living for thousands upon thousands of years. Your invitation during the Great Shift in the Ages is to expand your hearts and your consciousness so you can also create your new world consciousness based on Divine Love. This is what will determine the direction that your future and the future of humanity will take in the days ahead.

It is truly time to awaken into more of how you can positively add to your personal and collective evolution by eliminating all self-limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself or others so you can move forward in living as your loving Presence in action. It is advantageous to your ascension to eliminate all tension between your transcendent, multidimensional Self and your embodied existence since consciousness exists within one continuous expression of the One ~ from the higher vibratory levels where Unity Consciousness is the reigning principal, down into the realms that make up your physical reality.

We are here to facilitate you opening up frequencies within and around your being that will give you access to the higher creative capacities of your Presence so you can use them to create and support your life in Unity Consciousness, which is the true foundation of a new Golden Age of Freedom.

Exciting times

Rare Cosmic Event: “Dance of the Planets” to appear May 24 to 30, 2013
May 17, 2013 by Larry Rotolo

From the latter part of May and continuing for a month, an amazing display of planets will play itself out near the horizon in the west-northwest part of the sky. Beginning each night right after the sun sets around May 19, a “dancing with the stars” exhibition is put on by the three brightest planets as seen from Earth: Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

In 2013 we will get to see the most compact three-planet grouping visible without binoculars for the next 13 years. The planets will not appear this close together again until the year 2026! Added to this sight will be a beautiful apparition of Mercury.

The three worlds will appear to skip about one another. The alterations in their positions in the early evening sky will be visible to the naked eye night by night. Venus and Jupiter will be very close together by May 28. Afterwards, Venus will move in a northwesterly (to the upper right) direction compared to Jupiter. At that point it will be six times as bright as Jupiter.

Mercury becomes possible to observe at Venus’s lower right around May 19th. It appears closer to Venus each evening until May 24th, when it’s just 1⅓° to the upper right of Venus. From May 24th to 29th, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury will all fit within a 5° circle. Thus, they can all be viewed simultaneously through binoculars without moving the glasses.

The pattern is most compact on May 26th, when all three planets are close enough to each other to fit in a 2½° circle. Jupiter appears right next to Venus on the 27th, and after that it slowly pulls down and right of Venus, disappearing from view in early June. But Mercury is only now in the major phase of its apparition, flying over Venus until June 7th.

At that point , the planet will start to gradually move downward, nearing Venus again. However, Mercury has started to grow dimmer, as it must while engaged in an evening apparition. It will diminish little by little, the fading speeding up by June 15. Mercury had been almost as bright as Jupiter when the apparition started, but will shrink to a tenth of that brightness by the 20th of June.

Pursuit of happiness

In my sessions I always ask what do you want and what are you willing to do to get it? Quite often the answer is “I want to be happy”. Here is an explanation of Happiness from Yehuda Berg:

The Pursuit of Happiness

Thursday May 23, 2013

The pursuit of happiness is a tricky thing.

We pursue happiness by chasing after money, approval, sex, drugs, food… you name it! Yet, the more we indulge in these things, the emptier we tend to feel after the initial high has worn off.

Happiness doesn’t happen by constantly pursuing it.

Happiness is a result. It is the product of creating a life full of meaning and purpose for ourselves

(Happiness is a fulfilled intention)

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