Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Feeling anxious?

Many of you are feeling anxious now. Some of you are reacting to the change simply because it is change. Part of your being a human is to fear change and desire stability.

As you look out from your Earth, you see sameness and consistency. You apparently see an unchanging and dependable state within the items that you can look at and measure over time. This is really not the case at all, for the universe is constantly in transition, and you would be able to see this if you could see the whole picture. Change is actually the desired state, but it is difficult for you to go against the feeling of your human attributes.

Please have faith that the changes are good ones. Again, not all is what it seems. Trust the fact that my adjustments are appropriate for you and the planet, and relax and have peace with the Earth during this time.

With the new energy comes a much brighter picture of how things work. This can be equated to the veil lifting slightly so that you can now see clearer than before. Whereas the communications of the past were often cryptic, or in story form for your re-interpretation, they are now far more basic. Whereas before messages might have been incorrectly interpreted due to a thick veil, now they will be clear. Hopefully you can see this happening as you read these messages. I am the first of many who will be speaking to you in a much plainer and simpler fashion than before.

~ KRYON, as channelled by Lee Carroll

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