Life Coach, MetaPhysician


The Enlightened Path of the Presence

Part I

What is different about living in these times—rather than living in December of 2012—is that now you have the tremendous support of the Light and Love that is coming into your world from the Central Sun of your Milky Way Galaxy. This is giving you the opportunity to live as Source within the consciousness of your Presence. At the end of May there will be many around your world who will be celebrating the enlightenment of the Buddha during Wesak. This Beloved One aligned with Source through the Crown of his being and he created that potential for awakening within all future generations. He invites you in this moment to remain so present in your Presence that all else dissolves into the indefinable Light that precedes all form, and yet is included within it. He assures us that your enlightenment is ultimately assured because you are composed of the same Light and the same Love that was before, is now, and shall always be part of the Essence of your being and of all that is.

~ Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia

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