Life Coach, MetaPhysician


From Live Kryon Channelling
“Back to Basics”

Humn Beings often need to create activities of energy around them that keep them distracted from their spiritual quest. Some of them are so successful at it, they’ll distract themselves all their lives. Some of them are really good at it and you know who they are. There are as many who do as who don’t feature drama, and it makes life very interesting, does it not?

Many of you have gotten past it and are trying to eliminate drama in your lives and are realizing that you can control your own situation, but you’re still besieged by those around you who create drama. And you can’t stop them, since they’re always there! Some of you have even asked, “What do I do about the Human Being who thrives on this?” Well, let me tell you about that Human Being.

That Human Being is probably a Lightworker who this time around will do anything they can not to look at their spirituality. It’s part of a defense mechanism and it’s intuitive for them. And so they create drama and they’re very good at it. Through their lives they’ve learned to argue, debate, and confront, and they like it. This drama is their friend. I think you know who I’m talking about.

Everyone has got someone they know who is like this. So if you’re the Lightworker who’s trying to escape this, I’ll give you the words of a wise philosopher – a Human Being: “Never wrestle with a pig. First, you’ll get dirty, and second, the pig likes it.” [Laughter] You have a choice to wrestle or not. And so if you’re one of those who is trying to get the drama out of your life, I say to you: simply disengage.

“But it’s not that easy,” you might say. “What do we do with the energies that are thrown at us from these kind of people and the situations that occur around us, the anger, the hatred, the distrust, the envy, all these things?”

Here’s a concept you probably haven’t thought of before. Remember that pipeline, that metaphor we talk about, which is pouring information and divine wisdom to you? Why don’t you now think of it in reverse? It’s a divine vacuum cleaner! It’ll take those energies and suck them right out of your energy. Do you have things around you that you’d like to have vacuumed away? You don’t have to do a thing except connect to the hose.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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