Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Focused perception

Something to consider:

My advice is to focus on your heart, your consciousness and your new reality. This is your chord of grace. It’s the creation of the Flower of Life. Send your string further out with each thought, with each shift of a feeling, with each new glimmer of the spring breaking through the never ending winter. From that point of consciousness draw a circle around that center and fill it with your reality.

It is our old mind patterns that need to make something solid out of something so vibrant, alive and shifting. We have made that mistake before. Perhaps, it is how we got trapped in our 3D worlds forgetting our potential and joy. I don’t know about you, but just becoming comfortable with the chaos is my chord of grace into a new world of expanded possibilities. I invite you to find your own chord of grace and slide along it, experiencing the wild ride and yet finding comfort and peace in it. It’s not suppose to feel and look like your old world. When you move to a new house and even a new town or country, it takes several years for the new to become comfortable and yet in this period is the excitement that nothing is as it use to be. And this is what we have been waiting to understand and live. Catch the magic in the experience!

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