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Adam and Eve?

The Pleiadian Involvement

About 200,000 years ago, when the Pleiadians first came to Earth, humanity was a group, a variety like all the other evolution on the planet. The mammal called Human Being had many varieties of forms. Like other mammals today, variety insured survival. Up to 26 kinds of Humans were present, but were eventually reduced to 17 kinds before the Pleiadians got here (through normal evolutionary processes). This was the puzzle for the Pleiadians, for in the seeding of the planet back then, the DNA had to change to allow for the spiritual, Pleiadian DNA complement. Humanity needed to end up with one kind of Human Being, the kind that you have today, but also to have the “DNA of the cosmos.” That kind of Human has no variety like the other mammals of Earth, as you may have noticed or not. It’s the way you are today.

So you are unique in an evolutionary way to everything you see around you. This process created a 23-chromosome Human Being, when all around you there were the 24 of conventional mammals. So the fusing of portions of your DNA to create the 23 was the element of the Pleiadian who came in and gave you their DNA. In the process, many things happened simultaneously.

When a farmer looks at his field and decides to grow corn, he surveys it in a different way than those who would eventually eat the corn. For the eater of the corn would ask, “When does the corn exist for consumption?” He would then be told, “It exists when the stalks are high and it is then collected, cooked, and provided on the table.” That would be the story of corn for the consumer. It starts with the collection of grown corn. But the farmer looks at it differently. He looks at the raw land that has to be ploughed and fertilized, and perhaps turned over a few times with other crops to allow nitrogen in the soil until the dirt is ready. Perhaps he would plant it and then take the seedlings as they came up and turn them into the ground again; you know the story. So the farmer would have an entirely different idea of the story of corn.

So you have at least two questions and scenarios, don’t you? When did corn begin? The eater gives you one answer and the farmer another. So which is which? It depends who’s asking – the consumer of the corn or the grower of the corn. Now, there’s a third question: What about the conceiver (creator) of the corn? Who made corn? When? I give you this as an example as to why the dates are different, and I’m going to give you all of them. Then I’m going to tell you what happened. I’m going to be succinct and I’m not going to draw it out.

The First Look

About 200,000 years ago is when it literally began. The concept of the “divine seeding” of planet Earth happened at that point, and the fields metaphorically started to be ploughed. There is an issue and we’re going to call it the way species work with Gaia. This is something that happened simultaneously with the grid creation of Gaia. For now we give you something that no one has thought about. When we speak of the grids of the planet, you make an assumption that these grids always existed on the planet. For the planet is old and you might say, “Well the grids have always been there.” But I’m here to tell you that only one was always there, and that’s the magnetic grid. But it was spiritually void. That is to say, it only had that which was created from the Earth’s core movement. Today, when we talk about the grids of the planet, our conversation involves the consciousness of humanity, which is imbued upon the magnetic grid. We also tell you about the Crystalline Grid and about the Grid of Gaia consciousness. Both of these react to Human compassion.

Now, here is the puzzle: If you don’t have divine Human consciousness, then what about the grids? Do they exist without the Human Being? The answer is that they needed to be created simultaneously with the seeding of divine DNA. So what the Pleiadians did was not only to start the seeds of humanity’s change into divine DNA, but they created the conscious grids of Gaia as well. They had to, for the conscious grids of Gaia are a confluence of humanity’s decisions brought to Gaia’s energy. The consciousness that we are talking about is the spiritually sanctioned Human Being that exists with a piece of God inside him, and with DNA that has 23 chromosomes instead of the common 24 that all the others have through biological evolution.

Let us back up and say it again and make it simpler, my partner [admonition to Lee to speak more plainly]. The triad of grids on this planet that we have spoken of over and over are the consciousness grids of Gaia, and were created at the same time as the seeding of humanity with Pleiadian DNA. For all the teachings we’ve been giving, especially about the Crystalline Grid, these grids have been reacting to Human consciousness and compassion. Therefore, the very essence of the current Gaia energy is also related to the creation of humanity.

These are the attributes of the Pleiadians work 200,000 years ago, and it was done quantumly in ways that you have no conscious awareness of at the moment. For these things are beyond your ability to understand right now, since you are still in a single-digit dimensionality. But the result back then was “a conscious Gaia.” So you might say Gaia itself was actually created quantumly from the Seven Sisters energy, just like you.

The Gaia that existed before then was still Gaia, but not as it is now. It was a Gaia that was creating the dirt on the earth and the energy of biological life of the earth. It was the mother of all life on the planet, but not a Gaia that responded to Human consciousness. That’s very different. So Gaia greatly expanded when the Pleiadians came, and that was by design.

It took 110,000 years for this to settle itself, and for the ground to be ready for more than 16 species of Human Beings to leave so that only one was left. When that occurred at approximately 90,000 years ago is when you can start calibrating who Humans were and who they became. Kryon

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