Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It takes work

Nothing happens by chance, it only seems like that because its purpose is not immediately apparent. You all, each and every single one of you, designed perfect life paths for yourselves with the help of your guides and angels before you incarnated as humans. Some of you have been following a life path so designed through many human lifetimes, picking it up again each time you reincarnated, while others have chosen a new path for each incarnation. Whichever kind of path you are on is perfectly suited to you, and will present you with exactly the lessons you need, and chose to learn, at precisely the right moment for maximum understanding to occur.

Of course it frequently does not seem like that! You have to choose in the moment to be open to receive the understanding with which the lesson is presenting you. However, your egos frequently manage to persuade you that your learning is long since complete and that the lesson must be meant for someone else – a spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend, boss, or unenlightened one – and as a result you do not open yourselves to the insight offered, and the lesson will have to be repeated.

The experiences you undergo during life in the illusion can be very stressful and cause you much suffering, and one of the major lessons that can be learnt from those kinds of experiences is compassion. If you have not undergone suffering it is very difficult to understand compassion, let alone experience it. But as you look around you, you can hardly fail to observe suffering. Loving compassion offered and shared relieves suffering and enables the ones suffering to expand their awareness beyond that state. Fighting against it intensifies it, surrendering to it eases it.

And remember that there is no one on Earth who has not at some time or in some lifetime behaved in ways that were corrupt and unconscionable, and who has not also suffered under the oppression of people behaving in those ways; it is part of the illusory experience of being human. Therefore compassion is due to everyone having an earthly experience because it is one of the most effective and soothing balms that leads to healing. Lack of compassion is an ego defense mechanism, a barrier set up to protect the one who hides behind it from suffering. It is a barrier that is frequently erected in childhood to block out unbearable distress, so full compassion is always warranted and needed if healing is to occur. And healing is an essential part of your awakening process.

Embrace compassion, behave compassionately, offer compassion, and by doing so help to bring all closer to the grand moment of awakening. You chose this incarnation to do just this, and you have infinite assistance from those in the spiritual realms to enable you to put it into practice.

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