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Positive investment

Investing in the Light. Yehuda Berg

The kabbalists teach there are two realities: The physical reality, which includes our often chaotic daily lives, and the metaphysical reality where there is absolute order, perfection and infinite spiritual energy, or Light.

The reason we experience chaos is because we live mostly in the physical reality. Even for those of us who are spiritual, if we are honest with ourselves, we probably spend at the most an hour a day expanding our consciousness through meditation or spiritual study. This constitutes a very small percentage of our entire day.

This doesn’t mean that we need to live out our existence meditating on a mountain. On the contrary, the purpose of Kabbalah is a practical one, enabling us to draw energy from the spiritual dimension and infuse it into every part of our material lives.

This isn’t easy. It takes awareness, effort, discipline, and support.

Part of the spiritual path is living in the material world, but not reacting to it. This can often feel impossible, but with the help of the energy accessed from our investment in meditation, study, and the use of the kabbalistic tools, we can elevate our consciousness to a place where we are unmoved by the chaos of the physical world. It is with this consciousness that we tap into the possibility of attracting great miracles and blessings into our lives.

Being connected to something so much greater is possible, but it all begins with a spiritual investment. If you’re currently spending five minutes a day in study, make it ten. If your life has benefited from these Tune-Ups, consider it might be time to take your inspiration to the next level and get a teacher.

The more we invest in our spirituality, the more consistently we can elevate our consciousness and connect to the spiritual source of everything good.

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