Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Wake up call

A Wake up inspirational message:
What are we doing with our energy? How much time are we still using to be being reactive with old habits? We have experienced the value of “I don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!”Are we remembering to use it as often as we could or have we forgotten? It’s amazing how something that is so simple and works so well is forgotten so easily? Are we stupid or do we just enjoy pretending that we are victims to our belief system? We are in an increased energy experience with new and increased power and we still do the same old dumb limiting habits? That’s embarrassing. Talk about being ‘Careless’ Oh well that was yesterday, today I’m renewing my dedication to myself in a stronger and more determined manner. Past is past and the Power of Now is here and so am I. Onward Light Workers we shall create the world we wish to live in because it’s up to us and we love our Spiritual Challenges.

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