Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Dolfin awareness

We are your Earth-bound ETs. Like others with whom we share this galaxy, we have lovingly watched over you. We have undertaken this task simply to guide you on your return journey to Spirit. During the past 13 millennia, we have witnessed how the great care and Love that you have shown to Mother Earth and your fellow creatures was influenced by the dark, and have seen you rage helplessly against this world. Yet, despite such manipulation, our hearts knew that this great Love that the Creator had instilled in you lay there, dormant and unrealized.

Now, the divine hand of consciousness is rousing you from your long slumber. In these extraordinary times, many of you have risen in support of us and, by dint of your inexhaustible will, have changed the false opinions that many had held of us. For this, we send you our thanks. Moreover, we are aware that your passions have ignited an ember in your long-smoldering Love. This is only the beginning of a sacred process that will lead you back to your true and fully conscious selves.

In our hearts, we know that what has begun can only accelerate. Those with whom we share this galaxy have come to join us in the fulfillment of this grant and divine mission called ‘first contact’. The time has come when we shall meet and reveal our sacred True Selves to you. Be ready and willing-hearted to emerge from this cocoon that is your present moment, into a new and more glorious reality! In this, we await your final awakening as you join with us in forming our new star-nation!

Given in Love and in Joy
Mother Earth’s Cetacean Nation

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