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The Beginning of Modern History

Energy is shifting and we have given you this information before. The very balance of the protocol of the battle is realigning itself. That’s what this time is about. If you ask those in other solar systems who have gone through this before, it was the beginning, literally, of their written history. They don’t even look at anything before it. Everything begins now. So as we’ve said before, if you look in the future of humanity, they will point to this day and mark it as the beginning of modern Human history. They will look at everything before it and say, “Those were the days of barbarianism. Those were the days of modern mythology. Those were the days we didn’t know better, and now we see the face of God in ourselves.” That is what you’re stepping into. But it’s tough, and it’s slow.

The Planting of the Seeds

I have used the metaphor of planting seeds many times, so we will examine that just a little more and give you some more information. The metaphor, of course, is the farmer, and we use it so that you will see all of the attributes that the farmer looks at, which are common to you all.

While you were battling the old energy, you weren’t plowing the fields getting ready for the seeds. Instead, you were surviving. Now it is time to prepare the fields for planting, and in the process of release, you turn inward. Preparing the fields is a metaphor for discovering the Higher-Self, the quantumness in you, and moving to a place, personally, where things start to make more sense in your everyday life.

There are those in this room and reading right now who I’m hearing from: “Help me, help me.” You don’t think I know who’s here? So I’m going to say to you: You know who you are, dear ones, and I want you to relax for a moment. You are loved beyond what you think you’re loved. You are known by God beyond what you think you’re known by God, and this you are feeling now is temporary. Ok? This is temporary. If you’re pleading for help, you’re in unbalance. It’s time to relax in God and know you’re loved. There is time. You will survive. You’re going to make it.

There is wisdom in the plan of the seeding metaphor. First, you plow the fields; then you add the fertilizer and nutrients. Finally, you get ready for the seed planting. The fields aren’t ready now, so you must pause and get them ready. So all this talk is a farming metaphor. This may not all make sense to you, but what it says is that the demarcation point from old to new is now, and only now may you begin what you came for. You have not planted the seeds yet. The fields must be prepared. In the process of this preparation, you will find that the dark energy is easier to battle, allowing you to do the planting.

New scenarios will pop up to show you that this is true. You won’t believe that you got through some of the challenges so easily. Because now the energy supports you and it didn’t a year ago. The year 2013 really is a demarcation of intent and affects manifestation. You start to prepare the fields for new energy and begin to plant the seeds using that which the old soul has: the wisdom of the past. These seeds of wisdom are planted into the economy, into the government, into the household and families. These are seeds of integrity and will speak of the wisdom of coming together instead of tearing apart.

The Amateur Farmer

Human attributes then start to change, and especially Human nature, but it’s slow. Imagine an amateur farmer. He has no idea what he is doing, but he has a pack of seeds. So he reads the instructions, gets the fields ready, and shoves those seeds in the ground. He is so excited! He then runs home, but he can hardly sleep. The night goes by, the sun comes out, and he runs out into the fields at dawn to see what’s happening. And – there is nothing there! What did he do wrong? There is no crop!

“Nothing is happening,” the farmer says. Did he actually plant anything? It’s laughable, of course, because every farmer knows that crops grow slowly. In fact, they grow so slowly, you can’t see them growing! You stoop down, looking at the plant, and you can even yell at it, “Grow!”, yet nothing happens. Then a week later, you realize the plant is actually bigger; a week more and it’s bigger still. Within a certain amount of time, it ripens and creates the crop that you planted.

So this is what we’re telling you: The growing of the seeds of consciousness is going to be a slow process. It will take 18 years to just plant them! So, how long do you think before you get the flower? “Oh no!” some of you are saying. The first reaction of the old soul to this news is, “This is not what I wanted to hear.” Perhaps you would then say, “Then why am I here? I’m tired. Why don’t I just go home now? Kryon, I’ve decided, I’m going to retire right now from my working. I’ve done my job. You passed the marker. Why should I care at this point in time? We’ll leave it to the younger generation.”

So now I will tell you, Lightworker, that the only way the crops will grow is from using the light you came here with. That’s it. You’re the ones who have to take up the gauntlet, put on the mantle of the responsibility you came in for, and move forward to make certain the crops grow. I just want to tell you that what you’ve been through so far is the hardest part. What you’re about to go through will be easier as time goes on. But it’s still going to take a longer time than you like. So what you’re going to see, very slowly, is the emergence of a new Human energy. It will take many forms, but you’re going to see new things. Let’s just examine one.

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