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Now all begins to change, and the first thing that happens is what we’re going to call release. You have to understand that Spirit moves slowly, and especially within the time frame of how fast consciousness is able to change on the planet – that’s you. So there’s no clock or timeline that Spirit has given you, except a framework of the next 18 years while your planet continues to precede through what is called the Dark Rift, which is the Milky Way. Within those 18 years, there’s a profundity of potential that you will be able to “plant the seeds of new consciousness” that will indeed grow quickly in future times.

Release: If you’re a bodybuilder and you have held a weight in your hand for a long, long time, when you put it back in the holder, the muscles will need time to return to normal. There’s stress in holding up the weight, and there is a corporeal balance that is changed with the stress. Body chemistry within the muscles changes to allow the holding of the weight. So there’s a release process that takes place when the weight is put away.

Now, this release metaphor is saying, “Take a short vacation from battling the old energy. Because the old energy is also going to start to change since it is also part of the release.” The old energy also has been holding something; it has been holding back the light [you]. So both of you suddenly are in release mode. But the wise Human will always wait a moment while things recover and watch where things settle. The unwise Human will continue to push in the old fashion, no matter what. It’s important that you release for a moment and take a look at a changing paradigm.

Old energy is simply energy without light or wisdom, so it will continue pushing in the old way and may look the same to you. But the difference is that it will be without all the ammunition it used to have. This ammunition is the structure of the Crystalline Grid and the ability for the darkness to survive in the way it has done for a millennium.

The Darkness

Because you have changed the actual Gaia grid system and have given intent to move past this 2012 marker into 2013, the rules by which dark and light battle one another have changed. Now the light is going to have a bigger impact – a far more powerful one. The definition of dark is the absence of light. So the dark is the void that is not filled by light, but it still has energy, although it is weaker than ever before. So let’s define something else – the “Consciousness of Darkness.”

Darkness and light are measures, not entities. They represent the way Humans think and the waves of consciousness that influence others and create paradigms on earth. So when we say, “the darkness wants this or that,” we are describing groups of Humans who have no light. This is the opposite of Lightworkers, who are groups of Humans who have awakened to a realization that God is inside. This realization, by the way, is available for all humanity, since God is inside of every soul on the planet. But for a very long time, there simply has been no Human understanding that there is an actual personal choice of being anything but what they are told they are.

So the battle has always been between consciousness and how much light could be given to those who might see it or wish to see it. But as you know, most of humanity has wallowed in a very dim light that hasn’t changed much for centuries – until now. This is not about goodness or evil. This is about a confluence or natural consensus of how Humans think about themselves and what is appropriate behavior for humanity. Some may even call it Human nature.

Well, this old energy thinking wants to remain and remain. It won’t believe there has been a change, but it will flail in unbalance for a little while, as it starts to realize it isn’t as powerful anymore. This is going to be uncomfortable for you.

Some of you are saying, “Well, 2013 ought to bring a release, a breath of fresh air. Ah, we made it! We did it!” Well, I’ll tell you, like a child that didn’t get its way, the old ways of the dark will invade every cranny of life it can. It will battle for its life and its survival, and it will feel the fact that things are not the same. So in this release period, I want you to take a step back. When you see these things rear their ugly heads, don’t make a decision that 2013 is not what you thought. When you see more unbalance on the planet, even some things that you didn’t expect – and indeed, they will be there – don’t throw up your hands and say, “Here it is again. We didn’t make a difference.” Because you did. These kinds of things work slowly.

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