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Go to work

If you’ll do the things you don’t want to do first! You’ll find that you’ve done everything you wanted to do!
Procrastination is our biggest enemy. To make the changes we want to make in our lives, we need to convince our cellular memories that we really mean it. Changing our belief system takes at least 30 days of persistent work to convince our cellular memories that we are sincere about any new changes we want to make. Old habits die hard, they were developed by us to protect ourselves from pain, fear and fear of more pain to come. Now we’ve decided to think and act differently and our cells demand proof that we really meant it. Our affirmations need to be expressed again and again until we prove to our cells we mean it. A good example is “I don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!” has to be used verbally again and again until we’ve replaced an old negative habit with this new positive one.
Perseverance is the key to our Conscious Awareness, just do it. again and again and again.

It takes work

Nothing happens by chance, it only seems like that because its purpose is not immediately apparent. You all, each and every single one of you, designed perfect life paths for yourselves with the help of your guides and angels before you incarnated as humans. Some of you have been following a life path so designed through many human lifetimes, picking it up again each time you reincarnated, while others have chosen a new path for each incarnation. Whichever kind of path you are on is perfectly suited to you, and will present you with exactly the lessons you need, and chose to learn, at precisely the right moment for maximum understanding to occur.

Of course it frequently does not seem like that! You have to choose in the moment to be open to receive the understanding with which the lesson is presenting you. However, your egos frequently manage to persuade you that your learning is long since complete and that the lesson must be meant for someone else – a spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend, boss, or unenlightened one – and as a result you do not open yourselves to the insight offered, and the lesson will have to be repeated.

The experiences you undergo during life in the illusion can be very stressful and cause you much suffering, and one of the major lessons that can be learnt from those kinds of experiences is compassion. If you have not undergone suffering it is very difficult to understand compassion, let alone experience it. But as you look around you, you can hardly fail to observe suffering. Loving compassion offered and shared relieves suffering and enables the ones suffering to expand their awareness beyond that state. Fighting against it intensifies it, surrendering to it eases it.

And remember that there is no one on Earth who has not at some time or in some lifetime behaved in ways that were corrupt and unconscionable, and who has not also suffered under the oppression of people behaving in those ways; it is part of the illusory experience of being human. Therefore compassion is due to everyone having an earthly experience because it is one of the most effective and soothing balms that leads to healing. Lack of compassion is an ego defense mechanism, a barrier set up to protect the one who hides behind it from suffering. It is a barrier that is frequently erected in childhood to block out unbearable distress, so full compassion is always warranted and needed if healing is to occur. And healing is an essential part of your awakening process.

Embrace compassion, behave compassionately, offer compassion, and by doing so help to bring all closer to the grand moment of awakening. You chose this incarnation to do just this, and you have infinite assistance from those in the spiritual realms to enable you to put it into practice.


I believe that birthdays are a time for giving to others some of the Gratitude we may be feeling. I am grateful to existence for my life, my body’s condition at this age, I’m grateful for being alive at 85, I’m grateful to all of you who care enough about yourselves to seek more Conscious awareness and light and then share it with others. Thank you.

Don’t worry, be happy, with trust and faith

You can clearly see the collapsing house of cards that the global financial system has become

The divine energy field enveloping you is strengthening and intensifying daily, matching your ability to meld with it more and more effectively, and of course its energy is Love, and that is permeating the hearts of those who are opening to It – the vast majority of humans – and helping you to release the attitudes and behaviors, the inflexible beliefs that so many have held for so long. The results of this are visible all across the world as new ideas to deal with the major problems and issues facing you are expressed and shared.

The old, inflexible beliefs and the tools used to maintain them are still in evidence, but their ineffectiveness can no longer be disguised by blaming others for their failure to resolve the issues that they were supposed to solve. The old order, the established order, has been in control, directing the business of politics, business, ethics, morality, religion — in fact, anything in which people interact together in any way at all — for a long time. This order has remained hidden in the background while directing the activities of public figures so that its hidden agendas were achieved unseen, discreetly, and easily.

And frequently, some of those public figures did act in good faith, believing in the integrity and honesty of these “wise, intellectually brilliant elders” – their mentors and guides in the art of leadership – whose stated aim was to bring peace and abundance to all on Earth. But of course those hidden ones, the elite, have always had their own completely self-serving, private agendas, and now the real intent of those agendas is being revealed, as more and more whistle-blowers find the courage to disclose the unconscionable secrets to which they have become party by blowing away the veils of secrecy under which so much has been hidden.

The old order is crumbling. It no longer has the world in the iron grip by which it has attempted to control you all for so long. Ironically, your mass communications are at the forefront of its undoing: it assumed that because it controlled the media, the politicians, the large corporations, and the major corporate-religious bodies, it still controlled all the primary information centers and access to them. It has now become quite apparent that this is not the case, as more and more information of a sensitive nature is becoming public knowledge, disclosing the vast and unacceptable scale of corruption in high places. The sheer speed of information exchange has stunned those who would keep secret the intrigues and corrupt agreements to which they are party, and which have personally benefited them enormously.

You can clearly see the collapsing house of cards that the global financial system has become, due to the unconscionable hubris and criminality of those who direct its activities, ably assisted by greedy underlings who proved to be totally bereft of any moral, ethical, let alone spiritual sense of responsibility. Systems that are corrupt will always implode, and the scale of damage that occurs when this happens can have very far-reaching effects.

A new system of finance is essential in order for global stability to be renewed and maintained, and a new one has been designed, put into place, and is ready to be unveiled. Those who have benefited by building fortunes through greed and corruption from the old system — which is now in the last stages of its final collapse due to their nefarious activities — will naturally be barred from holding any positions of responsibility or authority in the new one. They may well find that their ill-gotten gains will drain rapidly away as a result of being excluded from the new system, which will be totally transparent in all its dealings and activities.

There will be a certain amount of confusion as the new replaces the old, but do not be alarmed as chaos will not ensue. It will be as though an old and crumbling highway was closed off as a new one was opened to replace it. Some will not have learnt that the old one is closed and will find themselves temporarily in a cul-de-sac where they have to turn around and retrace their steps to reach the new one. But apart from a few minor teething problems while the change from the old to the new occurs, the transition should be relatively smooth.

The divine energies that envelop you are easing the fear and anxiety which the sight of the old systems collapsing has caused. Keep your hearts open, receive the Love that is constantly offered to you, and share it widely and inclusively, yes, even with those who have caused much of the damage if you find yourselves interacting with them. Blame, shame, and recrimination are not part of an awakened humanity, although those who have caused the severest damage will undoubtedly suffer much regret when they come to fully understand the extent of the suffering for which the bear some responsibility.

Love is the energy field in which all of creation has its existence. It is powerful, mighty, wise and compassionate, and It willingly and enthusiastically hugs all who seek comfort in Its warm embrace. None are excluded, although many may at first feel unworthy and hang back. But no one is unworthy, and as this becomes apparent by Its indiscriminate and unconditional acceptance of all who approach It, those straggling or holding back will also approach and be swept up into the field of infinite, divine Love in which they were created.

With so very much love, Saul.


The Spiritual Path

We tend to make spirituality a part of our lives in the same way we go to a yoga class, but it can’t really benefit us if it isn’t consistently becoming more and more the core of our being.

Spirituality isn’t something we do. It is part of our consciousness. It is how we see the world.

The spiritual path is a constant walk where we make a conscious effort to be the best version of ourselves, and make a difference in the lives of others. Yehuda Berg

Lets prepare

Prepare for Separation of Old and New

There is a new dawn, but that’s all it is. The sun sneaks over the horizon as if to say, “We’re back.” But you’re not going to get a clear sky for a little while, Lightworker, because in the release process you’re going to have to deal with the separations that will occur. These will be the objections to the ones who don’t want to go into the light and who want to keep what they have because it works for them. They feel it’s the right way, because it has worked for them in the past and because it is their living [survival]. They will not understand that things are changing dramatically.

In what you call the New Age community, all of the processes from the one you see here [channelling] to the ones that the healer uses are all recalibrating. Some of the axioms you learned on “how to do things correctly” won’t work anymore. There’s going to be a more centralized focus into the one-soul authority. That is to say, there will be less focus on groups and more on individual discernment. Call it a dissemination or dissolution of organization-based wisdom and an emphasis on individual-based wisdom.

“Wait a minute, Kryon, that doesn’t make sense. Everybody knows that if you involve more people together, you will get better results since the wisdom base is bigger.” Really? Stand by for an entirely different concept, dear ones. How many lifetimes has your soul lived? Think of that as your own wisdom committee and pull on this, and only this, for answers to everything. “That’s crazy, Kryon! What about rules, structure, common goals, and group efforts that help build ideas and energy? Are we going to throw out basic common agreement? These principles are simply common sense.”

Dear one, how do I give you concepts that you don’t know about yet? Today’s common sense is tomorrow’s foolishness if new information is available that antiquates them. Do you understand? What if, just what if, the individual’s wisdom factor, based on all of his own past lives, created a set of parameters within him that were common to all? What if, just what if, there is a sacred pattern available that is common but only accessible individually? Then the individual discovers the sacred answers from the other side of the veil instead of a committee of Humans in a meeting. Ponder these things before you say that what you have as “common sense” is actually something that is forever.

All of these kinds of things will be new, and it’s going to be like sticking a finger in the eye of many who have spent a lifetime thinking that they knew it all, only to find there are those who are moving beyond them, doing things they never thought were possible. So, expect a split of those who just will not come along with these new things, and many of them will be old souls.

Everything we are discussing in this message falls right into the arena of interest of the old soul who is reading this. There are old souls by the thousands who are reading this in the future. I will tell you right now that I know you are. You’re not just the new hope of the planet, you always have been the hope of the planet. There’s nothing new except that, finally, it’s going to get easier. But for a while, you must understand the process of the shift and that change is not always seen as a good thing. So tiptoe lightly into this new energy instead of blasting forth with new truth. You’re moving into the light in more ways than you ever have before and even your “truth” may change.

The New-Old Soul

Let me summarize. We need you. You’re not done, and nobody’s leaving. There’s going to be more channels, there’s going to be more helpful entities coming in. Powerful information will be coming from sources you didn’t think even had it. You’ll be able to discern whether it’s real or not, and that will be easy. You can tell by the energy of the delivery and by what is stated. All you’ll have to hear is a little bit of information and you’ll know whether the channel is pretending. That means that that part of you that is called sacred discernment is going to increase.

You’ll have better intuitive powers, because they’re not throwing themselves against darkness any more. All this is going to happen slowly. But know this: We need you, and we need you to get excited about what’s ahead. You’ve just come out of a dark era of more than 30,000 years. I’m telling you yet again, dear one, that there’ll come a day, perhaps as soon as the next precession, when Human history won’t even count the years before 2012 as viable social study. That is what you’re looking at right now – the beginning of a new era.

Positive investment

Investing in the Light. Yehuda Berg

The kabbalists teach there are two realities: The physical reality, which includes our often chaotic daily lives, and the metaphysical reality where there is absolute order, perfection and infinite spiritual energy, or Light.

The reason we experience chaos is because we live mostly in the physical reality. Even for those of us who are spiritual, if we are honest with ourselves, we probably spend at the most an hour a day expanding our consciousness through meditation or spiritual study. This constitutes a very small percentage of our entire day.

This doesn’t mean that we need to live out our existence meditating on a mountain. On the contrary, the purpose of Kabbalah is a practical one, enabling us to draw energy from the spiritual dimension and infuse it into every part of our material lives.

This isn’t easy. It takes awareness, effort, discipline, and support.

Part of the spiritual path is living in the material world, but not reacting to it. This can often feel impossible, but with the help of the energy accessed from our investment in meditation, study, and the use of the kabbalistic tools, we can elevate our consciousness to a place where we are unmoved by the chaos of the physical world. It is with this consciousness that we tap into the possibility of attracting great miracles and blessings into our lives.

Being connected to something so much greater is possible, but it all begins with a spiritual investment. If you’re currently spending five minutes a day in study, make it ten. If your life has benefited from these Tune-Ups, consider it might be time to take your inspiration to the next level and get a teacher.

The more we invest in our spirituality, the more consistently we can elevate our consciousness and connect to the spiritual source of everything good.

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