Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Here is an excerpt from a channeling, for more see the post below, for the full story go to he Mother Earth Network.
-Do you have any advice to mediums on what they can do to develop this ability?
Yes, the most important advice that I have to give to all mediums – and to all humans living on Earth, because
this is the same whether you are a medium or not – the definitely single most important thing you can do to
strengthen your psychic ability is to ground yourself and become one with the Earth’s interior. Channel energy from Earth’s interior daily, the red female energy. It’s that which strengthens and develops your intuition and
your psychic abilities, and your ability to be in touch with your inner truth and your inner voice. The more
grounded you become, the more you come in contact with the female energy, the stronger your psychic ability
will be and the clearer and cleaner your channel will become and the easier it will be for you to learn to
distinguish between clean and unclean messages. The female energy is the solution, it is the key to opening the
psychic ability on a higher level. [See the end of the document for a miniguide with instructions on how to
ground yourself with Mother Earth-healing.]
Mediumship is not just something that you either have or don’t have, it’s not like a button that is switched either
on or off. It’s an ability that is being developed gradually along with your spiritual development, being
strengthened step by step, and where the channel is gradually getting stronger and stronger and purer and purer.
The more grounded you are through Mother Earth’s female energies, the more receptive you then become to the
cosmic male light, and can thus combine the two different energies and reach a higher state of consciousness,
and become a stronger and purer psychic channel.
The Earth is moving into a new level of her spiritual development towards the 5th dimension, and as you know,
it’s a process that has been going on for a very, very long time, and that humanity is also part of. It’s a “collective
ascension” in the sense that humanity is also affected by Earth’s ascension. But that does not mean humans will
automatically reach a higher state of consciousness. It rather depends on which consciousness level the
individual soul is on, and if he or she is ready to receive and embrace the new energies that will now sweep over
the Earth or not. We can say – and we’re saying this with sorrow in our hearts – that most humans on Earth are
not ready for these new energies coming in, because they have not prepared themselves in the way necessary in
order to become ready. Many humans will instead be affected in a negative way, and it will be very difficult for
humans to manage these new energies. This is a gradual process that has lasted a very long time and that will
continue up until the Transition.
What is happening now is that a new unique frequency of light-energy has been released and will sweep over the
Earth. What will happen to humans who are not ready to be exposed to these new energy waves that sweep
across the Earth, is that the individual souls will lose their footing. These humans have not been preparing the
way they would have needed. They have not grounded themselves enough to be able to receive these powerful
light-waves. These humans are not sufficiently grounded. They are not sufficiently in touch with Mother Earth’s
energies and Mother Earth’s energy system to be able to receive the strong form of light that is now sweeping
over the Earth. These humans are simply not able to perform this ascension in the way that was intended. This
will lead to the humans beginning to feel very uneasy and developing different types of psychological and
physical symptoms and diseases. It will also activate new layers of karma, in individuals and in the entire
planet’s development. It will expose these humans to very large personal challenges that will be very painful,
because they are not prepared for these energy waves and are not using the energy tools available on Earth.
These individual souls are not working with their spiritual development and grounding in the way they would
need to, to be able to receive these large and powerful energy waves that are coming in.
One thing we have noticed with very great clarity is that in almost all of the channelings that are now being
spread across the Earth, except for some isolated exceptions, nothing is even mentioned about the importance of
humans working on their spiritual development, and that the human needs to channel the Mother Earth energies
from Earth’s interior. This knowledge is close to non-existent, except in your channelings. This is very worrying
since this is by far the most important message of all that we have to convey to you. It’s the grounding, the
connecting and tuning in to Earth’s interior which is the connection that will protect you, that will save you and
that will help you in your spiritual development. That’s what you need in order to be able to receive the strong
light-waves that are now being spread on Earth, and to develop in the way that is meant.
THE INTERNAL ENERGY REALITY CREATES THE EXTERNAL PHYSICAL REALITY Humanity’s ascension will not happen by itself. You have to work, as individual souls to achieve it.

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